Tips To Create Zones In Your Home, Pt. 2

Tips For Zoning An Open Floor PlanThe main advantage of functional zones is that with their help you can harmoniously divide the space of both a large home and a small apartment. You just need to correctly and clearly think through all the nuances and details.

If you do not succeed in allocating the space yourself, you can contact a designer, specialists will choose the perfect solution for you.

How to combine a living room with a fireplace hall?

In a large, spacious living room, it will be good to put a soft sofa near the fireplace. And there it is so convenient to relax. It will feel warm here and it will be possible to warm up when it is snowing or raining outside the window. You can lay a fluffy, fur rug in front of the fireplace, which will help you to sit right next to the fireplace on the floor.

How to zone the premises with stairs?

It is very important that the stairs are located near the wall of the room. the location of the stairs can also be part of zoning. For example, you can arrange a children’s play corner or a small library behind the stairs in the living room. You can place a bookcase or even a small wine cellar under the stairs.

What zoning techniques can be used in the bathroom?

In the bathroom, you can also zone the spa area (bathtub, jacuzzi) from the rest of the room with the help of decor and the color scheme of the walls and floor. In the spa area, you can install lamps with a soft, amber light.

How to functionally zone a children’s room?

If there is no separate playroom for children, it is very important to correctly zone the children’s bedroom into a rest area and a play area.

First of all, the recreation area can be placed on the podium. Soft light, cozy carpeting, walls can be decorated with calm pictures. The bed can be placed behind the screen.

In the play area, it is the opposite: there should be a lot of light (preferably natural), the floor can be covered with soft mats, and the walls and ceiling can be painted with fun pictures of the child’s favorite characters.

How to zone the bedroom?

The adult bedroom can also be zoned. For example, allocate a rest area and a dressing room in the bedroom. This is also easy to do with the help of furniture and the color scheme of the walls and floor. And the dressing room can be equipped with a large mirror and bright lighting.

In general, all rooms in your home can be perfectly zoned with the help of light. Various types of lamps, floor lamps, sconces, LED lamps, and table lamps. All of them have their purpose and will add unique coziness and charm to your design.

Maybe you want to allocate some more important functional areas in the house for yourself? You can equip a winter garden in the house or set up a workshop in the attic.

In general, correct and competent zoning will help you enjoy the comfort and coziness of your own home. After all, such zoning will give every household member the opportunity to rest and work calmly and with pleasure.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate