Brick And Stone Wall Ideas – Impressive Interior Design

Brick And Stone Wall Ideas - Impressive Interior DesignInterior decoration is one of the most important stages in creating the interior. It is not always possible to use a brick for these purposes, since it has considerable weight, thickness, and not a small cost.

The most effective tool will be interior brick. She, despite the wide choice of finishing materials, is very popular. To achieve the effect of a brick finish, special ceramic tiles are used, which resemble brick in composition and appearance. The possibilities of this material, as well as its varieties, are becoming ever wider every day.

This finishing option is suitable if there is a desire to use brick in the interior wall, but there is no desire to create additional load for the walls and the foundation, as well as if you need to save. After all, ceramic tiles, due to which imitation of brickwork is created, is considered to be almost the cheapest kind of artificial stone. In addition, this type of material significantly saves space.

Brick lining has long become irrelevant to the process of facing arches, columns, fireplaces and other elements of architecture that are in the house. There are also corner elements with a brick effect, which makes it possible to veneer without fillet welds. The interior elements, designed under a brick, make it possible to save on painting and to keep the room stylish for a long time.

One of the advantages of ceramic tiles is the ability to create different effects. Thanks to this facing material, you can create masonry as “new” and antique. The composition of bricks and ceramic tiles is almost the same, so with quality work, it is impossible to guess which material was actually used. Brick finish emphasizes the individual style of the room, while giving a shade of elegance and respectability.

Brick tiles can be used both independently and with other materials for decoration: plaster, wall paneling, wallpaper, tile, artificial and natural stone. Finishing under a brick allows you to save both money and the time it takes to lay.

The quality of bricks under the influence of temperature and moisture may deteriorate, which is not true of ceramic tiles. This material is perfect for finishing kitchens. The properties of the tile under the influence of temperature and bright colors do not change. In addition, it does not accumulate dirt, is easy to clean and does not lend itself to the formation of stains. Thus, the finish under the brick will help turn the dream of an original and comfortable home into a reality.

Picture Credit: Life-Of-Pix