Lighting Trends For Your Home

Modern interior lighting trendsBefore choosing the type of lighting for your home we recommend you understand the trends that can be used in different ways.

1. Multi-level lighting

Modern interior projects mainly involve several levels of lighting:

  • overhead light,
  • light from lamps,
  • at floor-level lighting,
  • illumination of paintings and interior elements.

Such lighting preserves the three-dimensional space of the room, emphasizing its depth and comfort.

2. Lower light from lamps built into the floor

Such lamps are used to illuminate individual objects and surfaces. The light coming from below looks original and beautiful.

But the placement of such lamps is technically difficult, so you should think in advance about the effect you want to get.

3. LED light sources

They are gaining more and more popularity because they consume little electricity. Manufacturers are gradually improving the characteristics of such lamps, looking for new ways to remove heat. Since it has been determined that consumers prefer warm tones of light, the number of LEDs with a color temperature of around 2700 K or below is increasing.

4. Lighting systems with movable lamps

The lamps turn in any direction, changing the direction of the light and creating a new lighting of the room.

5. Lighting of niches

During construction, a small niche is specially made for vases with flowers, figurines, or other decorative objects, which are illuminated by built-in spotlights.

Such a niche becomes a decoration of the room and due to it, another layer of light appears.

6. Combining different light sources

  • For general lighting using fluorescent lamps,
  • for hidden light strips – LED lines,
  • for obtaining focus points – halogen and LED lamps,
  • for decorative light – LED, halogen, and optical fiber systems.

7. Hidden light

Hidden lighting means that there is light, but its source is not visible. With hidden lighting, the interior becomes more attractive and cozy.

8. Use of dimmers

Recently, it has become fashionable to use dimmers – these are electrical devices for changing the brightness of a light. Control of dimmers is programmable and automated. With their help, you can increase the service life of lamps and save energy.

9. Decorative lighting

Using decorative lighting, you can get a starry sky, dance floor, and shimmering walls at home.

The main thing when planning lighting design is not to forget that the lighting should be functional and harmoniously complement the interior of your home.

Picture Credit: Unsplash