Interior Architect, Designer, Decorator: How To Choose?

Architect, designer, or decorator?When you plan to build your house, you will definitely need to contact an architect to correctly design the construction and then a designer to design the home beautifully. The services of a decorator can come in handy over time to freshen up your home environment.

When should you choose an architect?

The architect is engaged in the development of construction projects. When you need a project of a house, according to which its construction will be carried out. Also, the architect adapts the finished project of the house to the needs of the family or other construction technology.

The vocation of an architect is to improve people’s quality of life by organizing space based on their needs. Therefore, if you plan to start building a house you need to decide what kind of house you want. What material will the walls be made of, will it be one or two floors, how many rooms do you want.

An architect will help you competently combine all your wishes into a technically correct house project. When designing the building, the architect develops a plan of:

  • premises taking into account the functional zoning of the space
  • amount of natural lighting
  • location of engineering communications.

How comfortable and functional the house is will depend on the work of the architect. And the most important thing is the design, ergonomics, and technological aspects of construction.

When should you contact an interior designer?

It is necessary to turn to an interior designer after the architect has developed the project house. Since then you need to think about the style and appearance of each room designed in the building. Every day you will need to observe the home environment. And it is important that it harmonizes as much as possible with your inner world, lifestyle, and household habits.

It is the interior designer who will help you beautifully create the interior decoration of the home based on your preferences. Also, an interior designer will offer ideas for decorating a home if you don’t know what you want, and it’s difficult for you to specify your vision of the home space. The designer creates an interior in the finished space.

Unlike an architect who creates new structures, a designer works with already created ones and deals with their design, selecting interior decoration, color solutions, decor items, furniture, and lighting design.

The work of a designer is no less responsible than that of an architect. After all, the durability and quality of the interior and exterior design of the house depends on how well the designer understands finishing materials and their combination.

A talented specialist in interior design is able to visually make rooms more spacious, or vice versa, with the help of different textures of materials, lighting, pieces of furniture, and decor. Such people see how one minor detail can completely change the situation.

Therefore, having a ready-made house project, look for a designer who can create an interior that matches your temperament and pace of life. And you will be able to gradually create your own special coziness by filling your home with trinkets dear to your heart.

When should you contact a decorator?

You need to turn to a decorator when you need to create a certain image of the room. For example, to decorate a house for the New Year. A decorator never creates the structure of a room and does not develop the style of its main decoration, but creates a certain aesthetic or image with the help of decor items.

Lanterns, figurines, vases, carpets, pillows, balloons, garlands, paintings, textiles, tablecloths, flowers, dishes, and other details that give the space a certain character can be considered by the decorator.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate