How to Clean the House After a Party

How to Clean the House After a Party

The correct sequence of actions will help you to turn devastation and chaos back into a comfortable home.

1. Open the windows

After the party, the room must be ventilated, especially if guests smoked. Immediately empty the ashtrays, because a strong smell emanates from them, because of which freshness will not return soon to the apartment.

How to make the process easier

Do not allow guests to smoke in the apartment. They will leave, and you still have to sleep in it. After a night in a smoky room, it will be much more difficult to clean up because of feeling ill, and the smell will eat into things for decades.

2. Collect garbage

Walk around the apartment with the package in your hands and put everything you need to throw out there. At the same time, you will understand how much work should be done.

How to make the process easier

Place in the room where the party takes place, bags or buckets for garbage. Let guests throw out chocolate wrappers, empty cans, bottles, and other waste on their own, instead of placing them on window sills and tables.

3. Clean the kitchen

Professional cleaners start cleaning surfaces from the kitchen. First, wash the dishes to empty the sink and get free access to water. It’s better to immediately put clean dishes in places and not litter the kitchen surfaces: they also have to be washed.

Complex stains in the kitchen can be dealt with by pouring them with a special detergent and waiting for it to work. The main thing is to carefully read the descriptions on the packages.

How to make the process easier

Try to wipe the oven, stove, and microwave before guests arrive, as fresh stains wipe away more quickly.

If the party is informal, disposable tableware will be a good solution. Cover the table with a tablecloth that you don’t mind throwing away: you won’t have to wipe it from stains.

4. Use detergent for plumbing

Apply cleaning detergent to the bathtub, sink and toilet bowl. By the time you get to the bathroom, liquids and powders will work and you can remove them.

If necessary, pour the cleaning detergent into the drain.

5. Clean the rooms

After the kitchen, you should clean up the rooms, and then in the hallway.

How to make the process easier

Before the party, cover the sofas with plaids to protect the upholstery from stains. The bedspreads can then be put in the washing machine, but your favorite sofa — no. If possible, if one of the guests spills something, it is better to wipe it right away.

Change the water in the bucket more often to really wash the apartment, and not just spread the dirt on the surfaces.

6. Leave the bathroom to the end

This sequence of cleaning is rational: you will go to the bathroom time after time to pour water from a bucket or rinse a rag under running water. And to clean up the bathroom before other rooms simply don’t make sense.

Wipe the plumbing that you prudently poured with a special tool, mirrors, mop the floors. Throw all the towels into the wash, because the guests most likely did not just wipe their hands on the textiles that you hung on the hanger near the sink.

How to make the process easier

Do not forget about the gloves. Plumbing products are rather caustic, and if the previous stages of cleaning the hands can endure, then cleaning the bathroom can result in a chemical burn of the skin.

7. Take out all the trash

Collect the bags that you used during the cleaning process, take them to the trash and return to the clean apartment.

Picture Credit: Unsplash