How to Dry Clean Upholstery

How to Dry Clean Upholstery

How long will the soft furniture keep its original appearance? It all depends on what kind of care is carried out behind it. Any soft furniture is dirty, whether it is stains or ordinary dust. How to clean a sofa and chairs at home?

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

Typically, this kind of cleaning is done by dusting up the upholstered furniture. Conducted regularly, by any of the convenient ways – using a vacuum cleaner, or with the use of force, i.e. knocking out It is worth noting that in such ways only dust can be removed. Contaminated upholstered furniture is better to give in dry cleaner, where professionals will cope with spots quickly and accurately.

If you decide to knock out soft furniture, you can use the plastic tool for knocking out – a “knife”, but this method can damage the furniture, leave scratches on the wooden or plastic elements. And there is a bit of a sense of this kind of way.

The most sparing and effective method of knocking out is – sheet (or any other cloth). It is necessary to moisten the sheet and spread it on the furniture, use a small amount of effort, and leave it for half an hour. After this, we remove the dirty sheet, and if necessary repeat the procedure again.

The procedure is repeated until the sheet is absorbed by the dust. For a more effective result and the return of the color of the upholstered furniture, the sheet can be soaked in a weak acetic solution – 1 tablespoon per liter of water. After the procedure with the sheet, the soft furniture will be wet, it is necessary to wait for a complete drying and walk with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. If your vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a soft brush, you can wrap the nozzle into gauze.

How to clean upholstered furniture at home?

To do this properly, remember some subtleties:

  • Do not constantly use household chemicals, when you can do folk remedies. If the pollution can not be cleaned, one thing remains – dry cleaning.
  • Before you start cleaning, remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner with a special brush. It is better if the furniture can be disassembled and vacuumed inside.
  • When purchasing funds for upholstered furniture, it is necessary to focus on the material, what type of pollution, an old stain or appeared recently. To separate fabrics you should not apply wet cleaning – only dry.
  • Covers can be passed through the machine, it is important to know which mode to use, what temperature is suitable. Any means sure to try on an inconspicuous site. In order to prevent the occurrence of divorce, do not combine cleaning products with folk. After drying, go vacuum or steam cleaner.

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