Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products If you want to change your lifestyle for Eco, and at the same time save money, just go to proven, grandma’s ways. By using ingredients that are found in every kitchen, you can create any measure needed for cleaning. You will not need any of the dozen or so seemingly necessary cleaning products – you can throw them all away now. It will be useful for a few simple ingredients about, as it will soon appear, “magical” properties.


The widely available baking soda is not only suitable for loosening the dough, but it is perfect for cleaning. It is an underestimated ecological substance with a wide range of applications. It is completely biodegradable – it is already decomposing at 140 °F, and dissolves in 68°F. It can be used for both washing and cleaning, and most importantly, it is inexpensive.


Ever since I discovered vinegar for cleaning, I always have it in the cupboard. It works not only in the kitchen as a condiment, but it is perfect for cleaning all rooms in the house. It has a bactericidal effect, kills pathogenic germs, removes deposits and unpleasant odors. Six or ten percent stores are available in stores. It can be used for cleaning and washing, and the characteristic sharp smell of vinegar evaporates quickly.


The fruit available in every grocery store, as it turns out, an invaluable component of many cleaning products. Lemon juice will be useful not only for tea, but also for cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen. The price of one piece is about eighty cents.


It is an excellent cleaning agent, disinfectant, abrasive, disinfectant. We will use it not only for salting dishes, but also for making your own cleaning supplies. In combination with lemon, it works with double power.


You can buy them in greenhouses and online stores with organic cosmetics. Each oil has a different use, when buying, pay attention to the composition and packaging to make sure it is one hundred percent natural. We will use essential oils for washing, cleaning and creating natural air fresheners.

These products are definitely healthier than any chemical used so far – we clean the entire house equally well, and even better than before. Expenses that we will incur when using household cleaning methods will be much lower than those we incur by supplying us with commonly available chemical cleaning agents. It will be for the benefit of our pocket, but most importantly – for the health of our and our relatives. All these ingredients are great for cleaning – I use them at home and at work, and I regret only that I discovered them relatively recently.


In ecological cleaning, we will also be helped by modern technologies, thanks to which, without the use of detergents and the vinegar or baking soda, we will clean the house with water only. Unbelievable, but true – with the help of special microfiber and water cleaners you can literally clean the whole house. Approved products that I am using in my business are made of special microfibers that clean any surface only using water. Their disadvantage is certainly the high price, but they are so-so-cleanses (I have been using them for two years now) that their purchase pays off in the long run.

In the general sale are also available cheaper microfiber products, which will be useful during cleaning, because they absorb water very well and collect dirt. Their advantage is also that they can be repeatedly used and machine washable, along with clothing.


There are steam cleaners available on the market that clean any surface and even clean the pipes.

They are multi-purpose devices for a couple, which can be cleaned every room in the house, from the floor to the ceiling, wash the car and any other equipment only using clean water. I know people who use such a vacuum cleaner for a long time and can not do without it in daily cleaning.

I encourage you to try different methods and look for other ecological and healthy solutions in cleaning. You have to remember that if you start cleaning with your own means, the first cleaning is a bit harder, because you have to remove the detergents that have accumulated on the cleaned surfaces for many years. It is important not to be discouraged, because then it will be easier, and the satisfaction that we live in a detergent-free environment will compensate us for the initial effort.

Picture Credit: pascalhelmer