7 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

7 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

How to choose an indestructible finish, correctly place the furniture and calculate the required number of sockets everything to make it convenient to cook, eat and receive guests.

1. Choose a reliable flooring

In the kitchen, something constantly falls and spills onto the floor. Therefore, the coating should be resistant to mechanical stress, it should not be afraid of water and change the appearance from frequent cleaning.

For the floor in the kitchen fit:

  • ceramic tile;
  • porcelain tile;
  • linoleum;
  • quartz vinyl tile;
  • bulk epoxy floor.

2. Protect the walls in the work area

Wall sections above the stove and countertop are often dirty. They need to be protected from splashes, grease, pieces of food. To do this, lay an apron in the working area a wall section protected by stable material. Most often, ceramic tiles, tempered glass or chipboard panels are used for decoration.

3. Count the required number of outlets

Installing only a couple of outlets in the working area is a mistake: they will probably be immediately taken up by the kettle and microwave. To use, for example, a blender or toaster, you have to disconnect one device and connect another.

To calculate the number of outlets in the work area, estimate how many devices you use every day, and add two or three points to this number. 

4. Plan the lighting

As a rule, built-in lamps are placed in the working area and the backlight is installed under the upper cabinets. A lamp or sconce is hung over the dining table.

If the kitchen is small, there is enough light in the center of the ceiling and lights under the cabinets. But you can’t do with a chandelier alone: ​​it will be inconvenient to cook, and in the evening the room will seem too dark.

5. Do not block ventilation

It happens that when installing the extractor hood, the ventilation hole is completely closed. This cannot be done, especially if a gas stove or gas water heater is installed in the kitchen in the case of a leak, gas will accumulate in the apartment, and not leave through the ventilation.

To properly install the extractor hood, you need a special ventilation grill. In it, half the area is occupied by space for the pipe and another half by ventilation holes.

6. Use the “kitchen work triangle” rule

When planning a kitchen, the “kitchen work triangle” rule is used. It was invented to reduce unnecessary movements during cooking.

The tops of the “triangle” are a refrigerator, a sink, and a stove. Usually, they are placed in this order because of the sequence of actions: get the products, wash them and cook.

7. Choose a durable countertop

Water and fruit juices are often spilled on the countertop. It happens that you hit it with a knife or hammer for meat. And sometimes you even put a hot frying pan on it.

In order not to buy a new countertop after a couple of years, pay attention to the material. It should be easily washed, not afraid of water and accidental bumps.

Artificial stone is the best option. It is practically indestructible: it does not deteriorate from water and high temperature, does not absorb dirt and is easy to clean. Such a countertop will last a couple of decades.

Picture Credit: Unsplash