Cleaning During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Cleaning During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Disinfection should be carried out with gloves.

Often washing your hands, daily cleaning and disinfecting the places you touch most, and staying on top of the news. These are the main rules during a coronavirus pandemic.

However, another important rule is to maintain the cleanliness of the room and personal belongings. For this, it is worth using household chemicals, but it is important to understand how to use it correctly and without harm to things and health.

Using cleaning products often becomes ineffective and wasteful, can damage what you are trying to clean, or harm the body. Before using the product, you should familiarize yourself with its instructions for use and safety, as well as review the composition. All this is indicated on the packaging of the goods. If the font is too small, all the necessary information can be found on the Internet, simply by specifying the name of the product in the search.

How to use basic cleaning products?

If the product contains bleach (sodium hypochlorite), do not mix it with any chemicals other than water.

Recommended proportions for the solution: five tablespoons of bleach per 3.7 liters of water or, for less, four teaspoons of bleach per liter of water. Gloves should be worn when working with a bleach solution to protect skin and provide proper ventilation. It is worth remembering that this can lead to loss of color, so you should not use it for cleaning fabrics. Also, be sure to make sure that the product has not expired.

If the product contains isopropyl alcohol, it can be safely used to disinfect hard surfaces, and it is usually safe for the skin, although it can cause drying and irritation. However, isopropyl alcohol should be used with caution because it is highly flammable.

If the product contains hydrogen peroxide, it should not be mixed with vinegar. The combination creates caustic acid, which can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. If you intend to use the product for a different purpose, conduct its selective testing in a small inconspicuous place to determine whether it will harm.

How to clean leather products: wallets, phone cases?

Leather products must be taken care of almost the same as their own skin. So, you can use alcohol for cleaning by wiping the surface of the product with it. However, after this, it is important to treat the skin with a small amount of skin conditioner. Means for cleaning need a little. It must be rubbed in circular motions into the skin as if polishing the surface.

Which is better: liquid or regular soap?

Liquid soap is more popular these days, but washing your hands with bar soap is just as effective. The proper handwashing technique is more important than the type of soap you use — they need to be cleaned for 20 seconds.

What to do with packages from purchased goods?

Do not disinfect the packaging, but if possible, unpack the goods and discard the wrapper outside the home. After that, wash your hands.

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