How to Choose a Cleaning Company

How to Choose a Cleaning CompanyLet’s figure out what you should pay attention to when choosing a professional cleaning company.

Tip 1. Do not pay much attention to the size of the company. This factor is uninformative. Whatever the company, small or large, you are not safe from the fact that low-skilled specialists will come to you.

Tip 2. The presence of a manager. This is a fairly important factor. First, you must have your own manager who will be responsible for maintaining your property. If you have not been allocated it, then consider that you were left face to face with the risk of poorly performed work.

If you have identified a manager, then talking to him, ask him about such details: qualifications of the cleaners, what kind of cleaning equipment the company has, how many people he is going to send to your facility. Separately specify how disputed issues and problem situations are resolved. In the case of answers like “If that, we’ll figure it out” or “Nobody has complained yet” – continue searching further.

Tip 3. Qualification of cleaners. The personnel of the cleaning company should have a certain stock of knowledge and skills, the experience should be confirmed by documents. If qualification documentation is not provided to you – do not risk it!

Tip 4. Equipment and chemistry. For cleaning the room (depending on its purpose) without dry cleaning, a good cleaning company will bring with it: various types of vacuum cleaners, high-pressure apparatus, steam generator, scrubber / polisher, various brushes, cleaning trolleys, sponges, scrapers, rags for various surfaces, brooms, buckets, trash bags. The list is approximate, but if two ladies with buckets, two rags,  you can immediately send them back. If you are lucky, they will do the usual cleaning, like at home. If not, risk a new repair or purchase of equipment.

Tip 5. The number of staff. Here, everything will depend on the type and size of the object that needs cleaning. There are no solid standards, but you can simply rely on common sense.

Tip 6. Reviews. It is worth paying attention to the reviews that grateful customers leave. The positive feedback from your close friends is even more valuable. If they recommend you a particular company, you should arrange a meeting with its manager.

Tip 7. Price. It is very important! It’s not worth it to “drive” at a low price. You run the risk of becoming a guinea pig. Let’s explain why. Many start-up cleaning companies, in order to attract customers, are engaged in dumping, minimizing the price of their services.

On the one hand, this is a tempting advantageous offer. And on the other – your object will become a “training ground” for inexperienced cleaners. They will be trained on the basis of your office and in the best case, you just get services of not the highest quality. At worst, you will have to decide for a long time who will be responsible for the damage caused to the premises.

In addition, dumping companies, as we call them, often provide only basic services due to a lack of experience, equipment and inventory. Therefore, buying at a low price, you risk paying twice.

Of course, the choice always remains with the customer. But it’s worth considering everything several times before abandoning the company with which you are cooperating now, even if its services are more expensive than the services of the company “from the corner office”. Do not take risks, trust the professionals!

Picture Credit: Pixabay