5 Common Misconceptions About Kitchen Remodeling

5 Common Misconceptions About Kitchen Remodeling

1. Cheap kitchen furniture

When it comes to the kitchen, saving is not worth it. You need to try to do everything possible and impossible so that the kitchen is normal. Firstly, this is the place where you spend most of the time, and therefore:

  • kitchen furniture wears out faster than, say, furniture in the living room;
  • the kitchen is very influential in our mood.

2. Wooden floor in the kitchen

The wooden floor in the kitchen space is not taboo, but it is accompanied by large reservations.

The flooring is environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch and well retains heat. But the kitchen is a zone with high humidity, and therefore it is possible to lay parquet or a wooden board only after preliminary processing them with special impregnation or wax. Repeating the procedure of waxing the floor for prevention will have approximately once a year.

3. Sink under the window

The sink under the window looks very stylish and inspiring (especially if the windows offer a beautiful view), but under our windows there are usually central heating batteries.

Therefore, it will be necessary to install a waste shredder in order to avoid an unpleasant odor. And the faucet will have to be set in such a way that it does not bother you to open the window sashes.

4. Wallpaper in the dining area

If the family has children or the owners simply do not differ in increased accuracy, then the wallpaper in the dining area risks being dirty. Do not forget that they will also wear out faster. The ideal option is painting or panels (for example, wood).

5. White furniture

White kitchen furniture, popular in visual social networks, is impractical to maintain. She is beautiful, but the spots on her are visible better. But impracticality is associated here rather than with color, but with the quality of the coating. Cheap paint or film is less resistant to external influences.

In order not to deny yourself your favorite interior solution, choose warm white shades: ivory, milk (color).

Picture Credit: Pixabay