10 Tips For Building A Small House, Pt. 2

10 tips to build your dream tiny houseIn this article, we have some tips for the successful planning of a small house, so that you can use every meter of small living space as efficiently as possible and fill your home with useful things.

Attic or a bedroom under the roof

If the house is small and you need to use all the space in it as much as possible, the best solution would be such a layout as having an attic or a bedroom under the roof.

Thus, you can expand the planning possibilities so much that you get an area for a separate kitchen and living room.

Compact arrangement of home appliances

In order not to lose space for laying extra meters of communications, plan the location of home appliances at the stage of designing and laying water pipes and electric cables.

Appliances to which water needs to be supplied, such as a dishwasher and a washing machine, should be placed as close as possible to each other, observing safety rules.

To compactly install an oven, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker, you can make an organizer cabinet with appropriate compartments for the size of the appliances.

Folding furniture

A small space cannot do without foldable, multifunctional furniture. A convertible sofa with poufs, bed-closet that frees up a lot of space…

A multi-tiered table with shelves is an essential item in a small room. Books can be stored on the middle shelves of a multi-tiered table, and a couple of decorative boxes or boxes for storing dishes can be placed on the bottom shelf.

When choosing folding chairs, you need to consider that the recommended load in some models may be insignificant. For a small kitchen corner, a folding table with a set of chairs that fold into the middle of the table is recommended. Such a dining group will take the place of only a small bedside table when folded.

A large mirror

It is difficult to imagine a hall without a mirror in any – both large and small house. This element of the interior beautifies the room, makes it brighter, and increases the space with its correct location.

In a small house, the size of the hallway is quite modest, and a mirror can visually increase the hall several times.

If you make the lighting above the mirror, it will spread the light throughout the room, and even if your room is very small, it will simply transform and become much more comfortable.

Mobile hanger

With the help of a mobile hanger, you can organize the storage of clothes in the smallest space and a convenient corner of the house.

In a miniature building, such a rack for clothes is sometimes the only place for a wardrobe. In addition to floor racks, you can make hanging hooks or frames in a convenient place on the wall.

There are very original wall hangers with hooks in the form of an installation, for example, in the shape of a tree or a vine. Such organizers for clothes are not only convenient and compact but also stylishly decorate the interior.

Being able to use every square meter is a whole art. We have told several techniques that make it easier to make a small house functional and comfortable for life.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate