How to Organize a Small Kitchen

How to Organize a Small Kitchen

If you want to make the best use of kitchen space, you must always follow the order in the kitchen and properly organize every inch of free space.

1. Use light tones

Light colors make rooms visually more spacious and brighter. Visually, these shades will not only enlarge your kitchen but also make it lighter, brighter, and cozier:

  • Use light tones, but do not paint all the walls exclusively in white;
  • Be sure to place a few bright accents in the kitchen to add a little color.

2. Maintain order in the kitchen

You need to carefully consider every detail in your kitchen so that you can comfortably move and conveniently open all the cabinets and drawers:

  • Store plates, glasses, and kitchen utensils in the top cabinets;
  • When arranging the kitchen, try to leave one wall free of furniture to visually expand the space;
  • Use dividers to properly organize the free space in the drawers;
  • Buy or order high-top cabinets that will reach the ceiling, because this way you get extra storage space;
  • On the kitchen surface, you can store the spices and kitchen utensils that are used most often.

3. Install the kitchen island

If you want to decorate a small kitchen, the island will be a great solution. You will not only increase the work surface but also effectively use all the free space in this room:

  • Install the island on the floor in the center of the kitchen;
  • You can also choose an island with wheels, which can be easily moved if necessary;
  • The kitchen island can be used instead of a table or like a bar for snacks and breakfasts;
  • You can install here a stove or oven;
  • In the lower part of the island, you can arrange wide and deep drawers for the most efficient use of space and storage of bulky kitchen utensils;
  • Also, the kitchen island can be used to divide the free space into several zones, including the separation of the kitchen from the dining room.

4. Use all free space

Use the entire wall, ie the entire floor-to-ceiling space. Place the tallest cabinets and shelves in the kitchen that the size of the room allows. This way you will be able to get a lot of free space for storing kitchen utensils.

Use decorative baskets or boxes to keep your kitchen tidy and ordered. Never clutter the kitchen surface with unnecessary items.

The ceiling can also be used! You can even attach a small shelf to the ceiling on decorative chains. On such a hanging shelf it will be very convenient to store dimensional kitchen utensils, including spoons for serving dishes, ladles, and small pots.

5. Use stainless steel kitchen utensils

If you are trying to competently decorate a small kitchen, recommended using stainless steel kitchen utensils, because the surface of this material reflects other objects, like a mirror. Thanks to this simple technique, you can visually expand the room and make it brighter.

Today, you can find a lot of stainless steel kitchen appliances on sale – fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, as well as small kitchen utensils.

6. Proper lighting

When arranging the space, try to make the most of the natural light that enters this room from the window.

It is not necessary to close a window with furniture or to curtain it with heavy curtains. Instead, choose light-colored tulle (white or beige).

In places where natural daylight is lacking, it is necessary to install additional light sources. Remember that it is best to use energy-saving lamps.

When installing lighting:

  • Place the most light in the places where you will most often work;
  • If you have a separate dining area, be sure to hang an extra chandelier over the dining table;
  • If the cabinets are too dark and deep, install additional lamps inside.

Picture Credit: Pexels