Affordable Furniture and Equipment for Kitchen Remodeling

Affordable Furniture and Equipment for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen repairs are usually the most expensive of all home remodels. However, there are things you can save on.

Anyone who decided to save on kitchen remodeling should remember that you can not throw money away.

Leave the mixers unchanged. But if they require replacement, be careful: very cheap models are likely to be faulty after a few months.

You should not overpay: there are a lot of “elite” mixers on the market that cost a fortune. Look for a mixer in the middle segment, then it is more likely to be reliable. Your task is to find a worthy design and the right texture. Silver chrome, matte black or white, copper or brass finish – select a faucet in the color of other metal fittings in the kitchen.

You can set a single color “frame” with the help of lamps, sockets, switches. These positions in the interior are replaced painlessly for the wallet. Even trendy luminaires today can really be found in large hypermarkets for very modest money.

As for furniture, try to do without a kitchen set. Instead of large floor sections, put an old chest of drawers, cover it with a countertop. From above you can comfortably carry out all the kitchen work, below – to store things that should be hidden from prying eyes.

Use niches, corners formed by load-bearing walls to place additional narrow shelves in them. They can have a man-made look and a rustic texture: aged or unprocessed wood is very relevant now. True, you still need to process it: apply tinted protective compounds to homemade shelves – for moisture resistance and preserving a noble shade.

Do not spend money on the table: instead, put a small bar (better made by yourself). A place for relaxation will immediately appear in the room, which, if desired, can easily turn into a mini-island, an additional work surface. While large tables, which are often placed in the corner of the kitchen with no access on all sides, are usually littered with jars and other utensils for about half the area.

Use roof rails and hooks – they will save not only money, but also free space.

Floor-to-ceiling racks or light shelves as an alternative to a headset will make the kitchen visually more spacious. When using open shelves and rails, the most important thing is to think over ergonomics, to understand where what things are better to place. Take care of the appearance of even the smallest objects – flaunt only the most beautiful. And refine (you can use the handmade) what else can be decorated.

Picture Credit: Unsplash