7 Dirty Secrets Your Carpet May Be Keeping from You

7 Dirty Secrets Your Carpet May Be Keeping from YouIf you look at the pile of your carpet under a microscope, you can make many unpleasant discoveries. However, the situation is quite fixable – and here are a few solutions to the most common problems.

According to a recent study published in Scientific Reports, more insects were found in carpeted rooms than in rooms with bare floors. At the same time, the authors of the work suggest that the insects found did not live in the pile, but got there by accident and, failing to get out of the trap, died in it.

Solution: Vacuum the carpet at least once a week and install mosquito nets on the windows to protect the house from uninvited guests.

One of the biggest problems with carpets is that the pile absorbs spilled liquid faster than you can dry it. Moisture particles penetrate deep into the fibers and become a breeding ground for various types of mold. And this is a real disaster – because mold spores can cause an allergic reaction, not to mention stains and an unpleasant odor.

Solution: If you spilled liquid on the carpet, immediately blot the stain with a paper towel and blow dry with a hairdryer. And to remove food debris, use an enzyme-based cleaner.

Skin particles
On average, we lose about 1.5 million dead skin cells per day. Multiply this number by the number of people living in the apartment, and now you get a whole pile of epidermis lying under your feet. And all would be fine, but skin cells are a delicacy for dust mites, whose vital products often cause allergies.

Solution: Vacuum the floors and carpet regularly and keep an eye on the humidity level – dust mites love damp rooms.

According to the microbiologist from New York – Dr. Philip Thierno, per 1 square. see carpet can live up to 80 thousand bacteria. And this is more than on the rim of the toilet! Some of them are relatively safe, but others, including E. coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus, can cause digestive problems, skin infections, breathing problems, or severe allergic reactions.

Solution: At least once a year, perform a deep steam carpet cleaning.

Cat litter
If a cat lives in the house, particles of filler and feces themselves inevitably fall on the carpet and get stuck in the pile, which leads to the spread of bacteria, the appearance of an unpleasant odor and spots.

Solution: Pour filler into the tray, set a grid on top to keep your pet’s paws clean.

During the flowering period of plants, you are not protected from allergens even at home, because pollen can penetrate inside the premises through open windows and doors and get stuck in the pile of the carpet.

Solution: Carpet dry at least once a week, and keep windows closed during flowering.

Unlike mildew, fleas choose dry places for life, and carpet is one of them. Insects are dangerous to humans, because together with a bite they can transmit parasites and various diseases, including bubonic plague.

Solution: To remove fleas from the carpet, a simple vacuum cleaner may not be enough. Pile will have to be treated with insecticides intended for this type of insect.

Picture Credit: Daniel Wiadro