How to wash the floor and pick a mop?

How to wash the floor and pick a mop?

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Learn how to keep the floor clean and choose the right detergent and mop for different types of flooring.


Different types of floor coverings are suitable for different detergents. Of course, any cleaning agent must be pre-tested on a small and subtle area of ​​the surface.

Key points:

  • The rope mop is suitable for most surfaces, except for marble and wooden flooring
  • A flat mop can be used not only to clean the floor but also the walls and ceiling
  • The tiled floor can be simply washed with water
  • The clean floor instantly transforms the apartment. It immediately seemed to be filled with fresh clean air, looks more well-groomed and neat. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, washing the floor is the main way to disinfect the rooms, especially if restless toddlers run and crawl over it.

Let’s start with choosing the basic tool – the mop.

How to choose a mop for washing the floor?
When choosing your mop, read the rules for caring for your flooring and make sure it fits.

Types of mops:

Mop with sponge
Such a mop is convenient to collect spilled liquid, wool of domestic animals, and wash skirting boards. It is especially good for smooth tiled floors in the bathroom and kitchen.

Rope Mop
Such a mop is easy to wring out, wash, and, if necessary, replace. Although it is suitable for most types of floors, experts do not recommend using it for marble and wooden surfaces, since it can scratch them.

Mop with microfiber.

Flat Mop

Thanks to the rotating surface, it is convenient to wash not only the floor but also the walls and ceilings. The only drawback of such a mop – relatively high cost.

Steam Mop

This miracle of technology generates steam that will rid your floor of dust and dirt, as well as from mold and fungi. Such a device is also very environmentally friendly since it does not need additional detergents. The disadvantage of a mop, in addition to the high price, is that it leaves the floor damp.

Mop Butterfly

Such a mop is ideal for collecting small debris and wool from domestic animals. It is indispensable for washing the floor under furniture, a bed, and in the corners of the room. The main advantage of the butterfly mop is the ability to regulate the intensity of spinning. She can even clean the carpet.

Detergents for flooring and care for various coatings
Whichever detergent you choose, carefully follow the instructions on the labels, and do not forget to test its effect on a small and subtle area of ​​the surface.

Detergents for flooring and care for various coatings

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Parquet: The parquet should be washed with a well-wrung cloth or mop with a small amount of detergent. Once a month, rub the floor with mastic.

Laminate: As for parquet, for washing laminated floors it is worth using very little water to prevent the boards from swelling. In water, you can add a special product or a little vinegar, but do not forget to test the effect of the solution in a small and subtle area of ​​the surface.

Linoleum: For washing linoleum, you can use a little detergent dissolved in water, after which the floor needs to be washed. Experts recommend that from time to time rub such a floor with linseed oil or linseed oil and strongly advise against using soda and hot water.

Tile: Tile is the most unpretentious surfaces, which are perfectly washed with ordinary water.

Wooden floor: It is recommended to add ammonia or vinegar to the water for washing colored floors, without forgetting to test the effect of the solution on a barely visible area of ​​the surface. After the floor has dried, wipe it with a felt or cloth. The uneven floor can be washed with a brush soaked in a soap or powder solution, in the direction of the wood fibers, then rinsed with water and wipe dry.