How To Update The Interior Without Repair: 10 Tips Stylist

How To Update The Interior Without Repair: 10 Tips StylistHow to define your style, connect different rooms into a single whole and what kind of furniture to look after in a small apartment – we tell you about the secrets of creating the interior of your dreams

How often do you look at the covers of interior magazines and think that you will never be able to make your home as beautiful? This is mistake! Your interior may look the same, and without financial costs. From the book “Style” of the American stylist Emily Henderson, we learned about thousands of tricks and tricks for interior design, and now we are telling you.

1. Define your style
The easiest way to determine which style will suit your home is to look into your closet. If tight dresses or business suits prevail there, it is possible that the style “buttoned to all buttons” will suit you in the interior. A lot of vintage clothes – you will definitely find something interesting in the flea market. Collection of leather jackets and ripped jeans – stay away from classic sofas and armchairs, look for more fashionable things.

2. Think about your attitude to color
If you like color, do not use it on the walls: you will subconsciously choose bright objects and accessories, so the background should be left neutral. If you prefer muted tones, use color to the fullest. Brightly color the accent wall or buy a large monochrome carpet.

3. Link the rooms together
It is better not to consider each room in the house as a separate space, but to find something connecting. Here the dining room is located next to the dark blue room, so it was important to add a few blue objects. Red, pink and beige contrast well with blue and look just as attractive.

4. Mix styles and textures
Remember that opposites attract: the more radically different styles are, the better they will combine, and modern furniture will perfectly refresh each of them. “I prefer to mix two styles: one is decorative and the other is pure minimalist,” says Emily Henderson. Do not be afraid to experiment: you can mix any number of styles, if you limit the number of colors.

5. Observe the scale
Scale is the ratio between the size of the furnishing elements and the size of the surrounding space. A simple example: if you have a large apartment, buy furniture of the appropriate size, and if it’s small, cabinets and tables should also be miniature. Otherwise the room will seem cramped.

A large room can completely ruin a small carpet: when buying online, a 1.5 × 2.5 meter carpet looks impressive, but in a large room it will look shabby.

6. Find your weird item
In each room there should be a random object that excites interest, makes you think and does not allow the interior to look too slick. Most likely, you already have such things, but it never occurred to you to put them on display.

7. Hide the TV
A TV does not usually decorate a room, but it is easy to hide it by including it in the home gallery. Hang the pictures in a single color range along the wall, near which there is a TV. If the frames are black, even better – the black screen will merge with them.

8. Choose a simple-shaped sofa
If you want to buy a new sofa, choose a gray, comfortable and simple shape. Cover it with a blanket or scribble colored pillows, change the tables and lamps, hang up other posters and you will have a completely new room.

9. Do not use bright prints
In a small space do not give in to the urge to use large, bright prints. They will distract attention from everything else, and the room will seem small. The monochrome combination of fabrics with different textures creates a feeling of peace, so the bedroom seems larger. The mess is hidden in white built-in wardrobes, so all the attention goes to the bed.

10. Grind the details
The biggest compliment that guests can give you is to say that the house is your complete reflection. You expect them to notice your individuality? One furniture for this will not be enough. But the thematic performances of your favorite little things will make the room beautiful and very personal and immediately attract the attention of guests.

Picture Credit: ErikaWittlieb