What to Choose: One-Story or Two-Story House?

What to Choose: One-Story or Two-Story House?

There is no unambiguous answer in this case, as the choice of the future structure is influencing by a large number of factors.

What house is better, one-story or two-story?

Before we move on to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each category of buildings, regardless of what project they are building (typical or individual), we want to mention another important factor that affects the choice – the land area.

For example, if the land has a small area, about six to seven acres, and the family consists of at least four people, the best option, in this case, is the construction of a two-story house.

In addition, when choosing such a design, the land will still have space for a garden, vegetable garden, or recreation area.

If the area of ​ your land is not the main criterion, then to get an answer to the question of which house is better – one-story or two-story, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of their structure.

One-story or two-story house: the pros and cons of construction

The advantages of one-story houses include the following performance characteristics:

  1. There is no separation of the family. All members which are within reach, and free time is usually spending by talking in the living room.
  2. To perform repair work on the outside of the walls or roof, there is no need to use high-altitude scaffolding. It is possible to do with the usual stepladder.
  3. There is no need to cover a certain distance on the stairs to the 2nd floor every time to take any necessary thing from the room. This advantage of one-story buildings will be especially appreciated by elderly people.

As for the disadvantages, this includes the lack of opportunity to admire the surrounding nature from above. However, if the house is located in a cottage village, and not on the river or lake, this fact will not upset the owner and his family.

Advantages and disadvantages of a two-story house

The advantages of two-story buildings include the following performance characteristics:

  1. For a family of four, a two-story house would be a great solution to the issue of living space in a relatively small area. For example, on the top floor, you can equip separate children’s rooms, as well as rooms for games. On the first floor of the house will be the parents’ bedroom, kitchen, and living room.
  2. In a two-story house, there will always be a room where you can, if necessary, be alone.
  3. The presence of a balcony will allow you to enjoy the view of nature, provided that the building is located in a picturesque area.

Disadvantages of two-story buildings:

  1. The need to go up to the second floor if you forgot something in the room.
  2. If in one-story buildings all family members are within reach, then, as practice shows, in two-story buildings to gather all together, it is quite difficult.
  3. The need to equip the bathroom on the second floor. This is associating with some additional difficulties.
  4. To repair the outer surface of the walls of the house, you must use special ladders.

What is cheaper to build: one or two-story house?

In this case, there is no clear answer, as it all depends on the method of construction of the house and the materials used for this purpose. However, a small comparative analysis can still be conducting.

As you know, one of the most costly stages of construction is pouring the foundation. So, for a one-story design, the area of ​​the foundation (and a roof including) should be twice more, than for a two-story house.

At first glance, it may seem that the construction of a building with one floor will cost the owner an order of magnitude more. But, do not forget about the features of two-story structures, which require a reinforced foundation and stronger load-bearing walls on the first floor. And this also does not have the best effect on the total cost of construction work.

As for the insulation of the walls, you mean the same usable area of ​​buildings, a special difference in the cost of this operation you will not feel. The only thing is that to insulate the base of a one-story house you will need twice as much insulation. However, given the availability and variety of this material on the market, as well as given the overall cost of construction work, you will not feel a significant difference.

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