How to Build an Eco-friendly House?

How to Build an Eco-friendly House?An ecological house does not have to look archaic. On the contrary, they are usually very modern homes, but at the same time characterized by a compact and simple shape. These include, for example, passive house designs. However, this is not the rule. Usually, however, the characteristic feature of energy-efficient buildings is the appropriate arrangement of the rooms. Therefore, the principle is applied that in the living rooms to acquire as much light and solar heat, entering the house through the windows from the south. However, utility rooms are located from the north and have slightly smaller windows. There are many other factors that make the house environmentally friendly.

Ecological materials for construction

One of them is the selection of materials. Such houses are built mainly from natural resources available in a given region. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that all building partitions, such as external walls, floors, ceilings, windows and roof, have a low heat transfer coefficient. Therefore, a thicker insulation layer is used than for standard designs and windows with high energy efficiency class.

The use of energy in an ecological home

The use of energy in an ecological home

An ecological house should also make maximum use of the energy it can obtain from the sun and water that accumulates during rainfall. Therefore, it will be equipped with a solar installation and solar collectors for heating water. In an ecological house, water from rain is not wasted. All rainwater flowing into the gutters is directed to special tanks, from which it can be used, to irrigate the garden or after filtering, also for washing, washing or washing dishes. Water from waterworks will then be used mainly for food purposes.

Limiting pollution

Ecology is also a limitation of pollution generated during home use. That is why ecological houses are equipped with boilers used to burn fuels from renewable energy sources, such as pellets or wood. Also, polluted water is not completely lost, because thanks to the installation connected to a household sewage treatment plant, it can be used to irrigate the lawn.

Ecological house reduces its energy losses also thanks to the use of devices such as: heat pumps and a recuperation system. The proper ventilation plays a big role here. Thanks to these systems, the house has fresh and warm air in the winter, while in the summer, it is cooled.

Buying the right design, and furnishing your home with all environmentally friendly and energy-saving installations is certainly a considerable cost. However, energy efficiency brings benefits over time, and a clean environment is certainly worth our efforts.

Picture Credit: Pixabay,  skeeze