How To: Clean and Organize Your Dressing Room

How To: Clean and Organize Your Dressing RoomOften, many do not properly store clothes in the wardrobe, which leads to its premature damage. Today, we will tell you how to properly disassemble things in the wardrobe so that they will serve longer and how to clean them in the dressing room.

Stages of cleaning in the dressing room

Sort things out.

Experienced mistresses recommend that all things be divided into three groups. The first group includes those items and wardrobe items that are used most often. The second group combines those things that have not been worn for more than a year, and for some reason, are unlikely to be sought in the future. From such “wealth” it is best to get rid immediately (to distribute to friends, need or simply to carry out to a garbage can). The third group consists of seasonal things.

Surface cleaning.

Before disassembling things in their places, it is necessary to carry out a damp cleaning of all surfaces. To do this, choose the necessary, sparing cleaning products. A special microfiber cloth with alcohol compositions will come to the rescue. It not only easily removes dust, but also disinfects the surface.

Accommodation in the dressing room.

The optimal arrangement of all the elements of clothing involves grouping in sets, types and seasonality of clothing. So suits should be placed on the hanger next to suitable blouses and shirts. Knit items are best kept on shelves in folded form. T-shirts are also kept on shelves. In the neighborhood you can put shorts or jeans.

The wardrobe for a woman is the most important part in the apartment (maybe after the kitchen). However, bringing order in it sometimes becomes a huge problem. Today we will understand how it is most neat, right and beautiful to decompose things in the wardrobe so that they serve longer.


Many store shoes in various boxes that occupy a lot of space in the wardrobe and each time make it difficult to search and select the right pair.

Pay attention to the special shoe shelves embedded in the wardrobe. They can also be equipped with a special module, which will keep the shoes in shape, and therefore, and serve longer. The more affordable option is to purchase transparent shoe boxes and simply put in a bulk of the newspaper’s shoes.


The storage of bags depends on your preferences. If you like clutch bag, you will have a small box. If you are more pleased with the volume bags on straps or briefcases, then you will find hooks in the wardrobe or room, due to which there will be no risk of strain the bag.


The hat is perhaps the most whimsical accessory throughout the wardrobe. Improper storage can completely ruin it. Therefore, some buy mannequins, and others are limited by wall hooks.


Costume jewelry is best kept in boxes (each type in a separate space) or on hooks. It is not recommended to store jewelry in bags: they will be damaged and confused.

Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are desirable to store in a separate compartment of a wardrobe on different hangers: so you avoid their premature spoilage.

To avoid buying a large number of hangers, try to store no more than three things on each of them. This method will also help to prevent the clutter of your wardrobe.


For  t-shirts there will be enough pull-out or ordinary shelves, on which you can accurately be able to spread them by color or type of fabric.

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