How To Make The Most Of Your Small Kitchen

How To Make The Most Of Your Small Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of home. Here we prepare food and get together with the whole family. Therefore, it should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable. How to make a small kitchen cozy and modern?

Choose simple solutions

Before making repairs and decorating the interior, you should correctly plan the space and think over the design, considering all the nuances of the layout of the room. In the design of a small kitchen, I recommend using simple and affordable solutions that will help you visually increase the area and make the environment comfortable.

Use light shades and simple solutions

The first and important rule for small rooms is to use a pastel scale in the design. Choose facades of kitchen cabinets of light tones and warm shades and preferably from environmentally friendly materials. I do not recommend the use of complex decor elements in the interior, it is better to give preference to simple forms and solutions, so as not to overload the space.

In the decoration of walls and floor, avoid obsessive patterns, look at the plain tile and wallpaper. The color range for walls is better to choose in light-cold colors, they expand and refresh the room. But remember that this palette is not suitable for narrow kitchens, so for this layout it is better to choose warm colors: peach, pale yellow or pleasant color of coffee with milk.

With the help of light and color, divide the kitchen into several zones

A small kitchen can be made comfortable and practical if you divide it into several zones. Zoning is a very important part of interior design. Even in a tiny kitchen, it’s easy to do, if you use different color combinations in the design, and also use several lighting options.

For example, to separate the working area from the dining room, you can make an expressive apron, and where the table will stand – more relaxed.

Also with the help of light you can visually divide the interior. Wherever food is prepared to use in addition to general lighting, there is also a highlight above the kitchen apron or ceiling lights on furniture.

Then near the dining table you can hang lamps with dimmed light or again use ceiling lamps in this area.

Apply in the interior of modern technology

Today, almost all modern kitchen cabinets equipped with interesting fittings and ergonomic devices that allow using space as comfortably as possible.

This is the system, and baskets, and drawers and shelves, and additional storage systems, which allows you to economically and practically equip even a small interior. Such elements will make your kitchen cozy and multifunctional.

Choose the right cabinets

Do not overload the space with massive cabinets and occupy the walls with a “heavy” set. The interior will look light and airy without the top drawers, and will soon resemble a fashionable living room than the kitchen. Alternatively, you can hang light open shelves here.

But if you do not represent your kitchen without hanging cabinets, then pick up the facades with a flat surface or glossy finish, and preferably without handles.

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