Unusual Uses for Lemons

Unusual Uses for LemonsLemon juice better than advertised dish washing liquid? Strange, but true. Dirty plates or pans will be faster when you wash them with warm water and lemon juice. We advise you on how you can use this fruit in your home.
There is a reason why dish washing liquid is often lemon. It’s not just about his fragrance. This fruit eliminates bad smell and removes dirt, which is why it is used in household chemistry. Lemon extract helps get rid of resistant fat. If the fat is extremely high, a teaspoon of table salt can be added to the water with the addition of lemon juice. Lemon also causes the dishes to glow and you can not see the traces on them.

Lemon good for dirt
This yellow fruit will also help in getting rid of residues and marks on the kitchen grater, cutting board or meat grinder. Scrapping dirty parts of the devices will eliminate discoloration. When they are machines and devices made of stainless steel or chrome, they will shine. You just need to wipe them with lemon slices, rinse with lukewarm water, and finally wipe with a cloth or paper towel to dryness.

Lemon in the fridge and microwave
It is known that the refrigerator “absorbs” fragrances.These from vegetables, fruits, sausages stored in the refrigerator are mixed with other food products.This can be removed if we peel the lemon from the skin and put the peel in the fridge.Another solution: leave the lemon half In the fridge, the fruit will absorb the smells like a sponge, some people think it’s better than the ready-made odor absorbers for the fridge.

Similarly, this citrus works in a microwave oven. Cut the lemon into the microwave for a few minutes and turn on the equipment at the highest speed.

No more with bad smells
Do you want to get rid of the bad smell from containers? Pour lukewarm water with the squeezed lemon juice and wait at least half an hour. You pour the water over the container, rinse it out and there will be no trace of the bad smell. Citrus also can preserve plastic. They protect it from UV rays.

A nice smell in the whole house
Lemon peel (or other citrus fruits) do not need to be thrown away. The flat will smell fresh when the heaters (preferably to be lukewarm) put the skins. The smell will spread quickly throughout the room.

The batteries in the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks will shine when we wash them with water and lemon juice. This is because it quickly removes sediment and stone. Just wipe the elements several times and they will look as if they have been polished for a long time. Lemon cleans silver jewelry in the same way. It is also helpful as a glass cleaner.

Lemon versus stains
It is said that lemon removes skin discoloration. In the fight against stains on household appliances, it is also effective. You have to be careful though, because dark fabrics can brighten the occasion. It will remove stains (also old ones) on an ink or a pen on leather furniture or on clothes. This yellow fruit will remove or at least brighten the patches of tea or coffee formed on the tablecloth.

And now rust stains: soak a stained piece in a solution of lukewarm water with the addition of a few drops of squeezed lemon, wait at least half an hour and wipe the piece with salt. Then you still have to wash the fabric normally. There should be no trace of rust, or at least the stains should be less visible. When there are iron marks on the clothes, the lemon turns out to be helpful again. These traces need to be wiped with a slice of lemon. They should be paler. Trousers or blouses dirty from the grass is also worth to soak for an hour in lukewarm water with the addition of lemon juice.

You can also make homemade lemon paste. That is to say: juice from squeezed whole lemon mixed with a spoon (or 1.5 tablespoons) of baking powder. The solution works in two ways because the lemon is acidic and the baking powder is alkaline. Such a mixture combats, among others traces of mold.

Spiders and mice do not like the smell of a lemon
These uninvited guests will stop haunting our homes if we have … a lemon. Who will cut it into slices and spread the thresholds, frames and other nooks, it will not see spiders any more, because these hate the smell of lemon. The mouse, however, deters the smell of a spoiled lemon. The most effective is the one on which mold has appeared.

Picture Credit: stevepb