Awesome Attic Room Ideas and Designs

Awesome Attic Room Ideas and DesignsEach caring owner seeks to expand the living space of the house in order to feel as comfortable as possible. If there is no possibility to finish building additional rooms, then use an attic for your own purposes. Most often this room serves as a kind of warehouse, where a lot of old and sometimes unnecessary things are stored. But the room in the attic can turn into a beautiful living space for relaxation and spiritual pastime.

Attic Room: Highlights
In any case, the attic must be arranged so that it does not cause discomfort:

First, the ceiling must be high enough so that after finishing it allows a person to stand up straight, without touching the beams.

Secondly, the number of rooms in the attic, choose starting from the total area that you are going to settle in.

Thirdly, you will need to embed windows. They can be located directly on the roof or on the front sides of the house. It all depends on the design features of the roof. If the roof is hipped, the location of the windows in the roof is the only possibility of natural lighting for the attic.

Fourth, it is desirable that the walls and ceiling be decorated in the overall style of the house. But if you want to make the room special and bring a long-standing fantasy into reality, then do not be afraid to experiment. Some want a cozy nest under the roof in the style of Provence with the presence of attic beams, while others – in the Art Nouveau style with a ceiling of plasterboard and wallpaper on the walls.

Most often in the attic can accommodate a couple of rooms, which can be both residential and uninhabitable.

What room do in the attic at home

Bedroom. Attic in the form of a room for rest and sleep looks special. There is an incomparable atmosphere of coziness and comfort. An ideal place for solitude and complete relaxation. Most often, the space is filled with one bed with a bedside table or soft ottomans. If space allows, you can also arrange a small corner sofa, coffee table and chair. If you prefer wardrobes for the decoration of the room, then they should completely follow the contours of the wall.

Children’s room. A small child in the attic will not populate, but older children and teenagers will be delighted with this proposal. A room in the attic under the roof is a great place where the zone of personal space is best felt. As they grow up, the child will feel as comfortable as possible there. If you decide to arrange a room for the baby, then take care of good lighting and ventilation. From the finish it is better to choose natural materials that are safe for health and do not cause allergies. The color scheme is preferable to choose light shades that will create a pleasant atmosphere. As for teenagers, they have the right to independently choose the interior of the room under the attic. The main thing is that the interior does not cause indignation among the parents.

Cabinet Attic is an excellent option for a calm and focused mental work. If the roof and floor are equipped with good sound insulation, then you can work without being distracted by outside sounds. Table, chair, as well as shelves and cabinets for books, folders and papers will fit here perfectly.

Entertainment zone. Quite often, a room under the roof is made out in the form of playing space for the whole family. For example, a billiard room, slot machines or table tennis will harmoniously fit into it. Beautiful views from the window to the garden or river will make your leisure time even more enjoyable. For children on the floor you can place a fascinating playground with various obstacles and horizontal bars.

Room for drying clothes and laundry. In Europe, premises for such purposes are determined in the basement. But if you have a cellar with pickles and other edible reserves in the lower part of the house, then there is room for drying laundry in the attic. In this case, the buzz from the washing machine will not interfere with anyone, and all clothing and home textiles will be located in a secluded place from the prying eyes of neighbors. At the same time, the room in the attic of the house should have excellent ventilation and lighting.

Home gym. For sports enthusiasts, you can locate simulators that allow you to organize a mini gym at home. It will allow you to maintain your body in excellent physical shape. You do not even need to equip the room with windows, since there will be enough electric lights in the form of point lamps. Will add an interior of a mirror.

Winter Garden. Flower growers and gardeners will appreciate this idea. If you equip the roof with large skylights, then in the attic you can organize a magnificent greenhouse, where not only decorative flowers will grow, but also vegetables and fruits.

Workshop. For people who like to engage in applied arts, such a place is simply necessary. In the attic, we can retire and create without fear of interference from small children or pets. Attic is a great place for scrapbooking, embroidery, woodcarving, drawing. Here it is necessary to think of places for storing materials and tools, as well as arrange the necessary equipment. If you do not want to spoil the sight, then take care of high-quality lighting.

Seasonal dressing room. The living room in the attic is a great idea, but who has not dreamed of a spacious dressing room, where you can not only store things, but also try them on? Under the roof of the house it is convenient to store winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter. Jackets, fur coats, boots, swimsuits, hats, slippers will wait for their time and not interfere in the closet. A beautifully furnished dressing room in the attic can become for a fashionista a favorite place where she can go, admire her prestigious outfits, try on and fantasize in creating new images for a particular occasion.

Features of the device in the habitable loft house
Most often, the attic is not included in the project of the house, so during the conversion of the attic to the living room the following structural tasks must be solved:

Ladder device. To create it you can use almost any material manufacturing. Choose the design that will best be combined with the design of the attic. However, it is worth considering that a temporary stepladder for a full-fledged room will not work. Firstly, its use is a dangerous undertaking. And secondly, it will spoil the whole aesthetics of the room.

Overlap reinforcement. You must be sure that the attic will be safe. For these purposes, use triangular truss trusses made of wood. They quickly assembled from individual elements into solid structures that are mounted on special gear plates and nailed to the tree. Convenient and cost-effective technology allows you to make the inside of the attic reliable and durable.

Lighting. In order for natural light to enter the room, it is necessary to install dormer windows of the appropriate size. To do this, on the inside of the roof establish a frame made of wood so that it holds the frame.

Thermal insulation. If you decide to make a room in the attic with your own hands, then you should worry about its thermal insulation. The room should be warm in winter and cool in summer. For this purpose, heat-insulating plates in the form of mineral wool are used. Between them, the presence of gaps for normal air circulation is assumed.

A well-equipped and equipped attic can be a full-fledged living room where you can spend time no worse than in a regular room.

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