How to Choose Curtains for Your Room

 How to Choose Curtains for Your RoomPicture Credit: StockSnap

Today curtains are an indispensable part of the interior. It performs two functions: protective and decorative. If the curtains perform a protective function, it is better to choose a long model of thick fabric. Prices for roller blinds, roman blinds or blinds are quite affordable today for middle-income families. If they are needed only for decoration, then you can choose any model with medium and short length.

Curtains in various styles of interior
The choice of curtains will depend on the style of the room. Separately, each style has its own characteristics, consider them.

Classic style

Classic style
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In this style they use dense and natural fabrics. Such curtains are plain and do not have patterns and different patterns. They are made in beige and brown tones. With this style necessarily used tulle.

High tech
Here it is appropriate to use Roman curtains, light tulle or leave a window without curtains at all. The material should be modern, often synthetic. In high – tech, the presence of metal is obligatory.

Roman curtains

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In many ways, the features of minimalism are similar to those of high-tech. Abandon superfluous, calm tones, simplicity of lines, but no metal. Curtains should be made of natural fabric, you can choose a vertical strip. They should not attract attention, but simply perform a protective function.

Asymmetry should be present in the modern style curtains. For such curtains it is impossible to use bright colors, they can be, as well as monophonic, and with a pattern. The curtain should be as if in motion, so it is better to choose lightweight fabrics. This style does not tolerate straight lines, on the contrary, they should be smooth.

Art Deco
This style is characterized by luxury. Curtains are made of dense expensive fabrics: velvet, satin, silk. Here you can safely choose bright colors. They can also be decorated with various lambrequins and draperies.

The choice of color curtains
The easiest option to buy curtains in the color of the wallpaper. If the walls are made in warm shades, then the curtains should be warm, if in cold, then vice versa. In a large room it is better to use curtains of saturated colors – the room will become cozier and more comfortable. If the room is small, then the curtains should be light. Let’s characterize some colors.

White expands the space. If the walls are the color close to white, then the curtains are better to choose a different shade.

Blue – a cold color, will give the bedroom austerity, it also relaxes and soothes.

Green is the color of durability and order. Cold green, closer to blue will look luxurious in the room.

Red and orange colors in the room give energy, direct it to vigorous activity, but do not affect sleep very well.

Violet is very beautiful and unusual. More often it is chosen by creative individuals. But too saturated purple will not allow to relax.

Brown is the traditional color. Anyone will find a shade you like. It creates home comfort, a sense of calm and well-being.

Types of curtains

Types of curtains
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Today there are many types of curtains:

  • curtains with lambrequin look luxurious and rich, suitable for large rooms, they can be used to adjust the height of the window
  • curtains without lambrequin are suitable for smaller rooms, they make it cozier
  • curtains on the rings are suitable for minimalism style, they look safe and easy to remove
  • eyelet curtains suitable for modern room
  • curtains of short and medium length, such curtains are suitable for a small room, they will perform a more decorative function

Choosing curtains is not so easy, but if you follow certain rules and advice, everything will work out. You can choose the usual light curtains of light fabric, and can be bright with an unusual pattern. Do not be afraid to dream and translate your ideas into reality.

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