Threats posed by mosquitoes and mosquitoes control methods

Threats posed by mosquitoes and mosquitoes control methods The adult female species make the entire breed of mosquitoes notorious. The female mosquitoes feed on blood which helps in generating eggs. However, the adult mosquitoes feed on nectar from flowers. The immature or early stages in a life cycle of a mosquito are in stagnant or standing water. The mosquito larvae feed usually on different materials which depend on the species. They usually feed on the tiny organisms in the puddles and pools where the water is stagnant. However, there are some predatory species present as well that can consume other mosquitoes too. The adult mosquitoes remain active between dusk and dawn. However, they also become active on excessive dark and cloudy days.

Mosquitoes are something to deal with when it comes to the diseases they cause. Their characteristic buzzing noise, which is produced from the repeated and incessant beating of wings, is rather irritating. The noise signals their presence. While staying indoors can help keep the insect away from biting you, they also get indoors at times. Given the gravity and seriousness of the diseases caused by mosquito bite, it is important to take preventive measures or mosquitoes control measures. The insect is the vector of such deadly diseases as dengue, malaria, encephalitis, and yellow fever. Mosquito bites may as well cause allergic reactions on people with sensitive skins.

Faced with the increasing threat that the mosquitoes pose, a number of mosquito control methods and devices have come up. The electric mosquitoes control devices are generally marketed in order to treat the heavy population of mosquitoes. These devices work by electrocuting the insects approaching them. These devices produce unpleasant sounds. They also need regular cleaning. Mosquito electric killers attract the mosquitoes to the light and then kill them as they approach.

The female mosquitoes are lured by the use of mosquito traps that make use of attractants. Some of the traps have impeller fans that have been designed to capture mosquitoes. There are other devices that make use of substances that are sticky in nature or even grids which electrocute mosquitoes. The traps are one of the most popular methods for mosquitoes control. These use propane as the source of heat. Carbon dioxide is used as attractant in order to curb huge numbers. The traps work by simulating human exhalation and intercept the mosquitoes before they can reach the humans. The traps that are powered by means of electrical cords are far less expensive besides being designed for smaller areas.

The most affordable of mosquitoes control methods is the use of repellents. These repellents are available in the form of sticks, lotions, creams, and aerosols. It is usual for protective measures to last for a few hours only. Reapplication becomes necessary after this. The citronella oil is used commonly in candles, mosquito coils, and torches giving off smoke that repels the insect. But, citronella cannot be said to have greater effect than mosquito repellents which are applied to the skin directly. The repellents are applied only to the exposed part of the body to keep the insect from coming near.

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