Tools to Help You Remove a Tree

Tools to Help You Remove a TreeRemoving a tree from your property can be a daunting task. Making sure you do your research on the methodology and tools needed to properly get the job done is very important. There are many choices of tools that can be used in order to get any tree cutting job done. What works best for you really depends on you preferences, your skill level, and the particular details associated with the job that needs to be completed.

The first type of tool is the hand axe. Axes are some of the oldest and most traditional tree removal tools available and with good reason. They are simple, relatively cheap, and easy to use. The handle is usually thin and made of wood allowing for easy gripping. Double sided axes are great for cutting the trunk of the tree while pick axes are a good tool for the roots and lower bits. Axes which are made well can last a very long time and if the head dulls, can be sharpened to return it to what is good as new.

A second option when cutting down a tree is a crosscut saw. These saws typically require two people to cut down the tree, with one person on each handle. There are many different options of varying lengths available. The users should hold it as a 45 degree angle as they saw through the tree.

Chainsaws can also be used to t and require less physical energy than the first two options. They can use gas of electric power and which one you go with should really depend on the type of tree that you are removing- for taller trees, gas works better and for pruning trees and small bushes, use an electric chainsaw. It is important to wear the appropriate gear when operating a chainsaw and to follow safety regulations in order to minimize the risk of injury as they can be dangerous when not operated properly.

The last and fourth option is the stump grinder which does exactly what the name suggests. These devices have rotating teeth that can quickly break up a stump and roots once you have felled the tree. For larger trees you will likely need a tow behind grinder which attaches to a vehicle. For smaller trees, you may be able to use a self-propelled grinder.

Whatever tools you decide to go with for your tree removal project, remember to always stay safe!

Image credit: Denise Kappa