Roofing Companies in Owens Corning Platinum Contract Ad Board

Roofing Companies in Owens Corning Platinum Contract Ad BoardThe Owens Corning Platinum Contract Advisory Board is one of the most prestigious and well-recognized sources of expertise in the contracting business. When a roofing or other company gets nominated to the ad board, it is an immediate validation of their work and expertise in the arena. There are only a handful of positions on the board making it particularly prestigious.

Roofing companies which make it to the group have a strong history of customer service, good work ethic, and quality product. Done Rite Roofing is a company that was recently added to the advisory board for its commitment to its clients and excellence in the roofing industry. It is a family run business and has served customers for over 18 years with a 100% guarantee of excellence. Done Rite Roofing is a full service provider with capabilities in shingles, tiles, skylights, new construction, and much more.

There are many different things that go into doing a quality roofing job. From making sure that the right materials are used for a given house and climate to using the appropriate supporting materials, there is a lot of knowledge behind a good roofing job. This is why it is particularly important to make sure that you do the due diligence when picking a company for your roofing needs. All contractors are not the same and some will give you tremendous value in what they do, while others may do shoddy jobs which lead to unsatisfying results.

Companies like Done Rite Roofing and other entities that are part of groups like Owens Corning are usually much safer bets due to their reputation in the space. Services like Angie’s List or even review services including Google and Yelp can also help in helping better differentiate vendors. Reviews are also particularly good in terms of understanding intangibles and other things that consumers may care about but may not be clearly apparent about a given company or service provider. The great thing about the system is that you can always ask potential vendors what value they bring, what past jobs they have done, and what recognitions they have received in the space. You are likely to get only positive responses, but it can be a good starting point from which you can verify the claims and compare the different providers by the prestige of the various awards or advisory boards that have recognized them.

Image credit: Done Rite Roofing