Taking Care of Your Home

Taking Care of Your HomeLove for trash is a thick hint that you are strongly attached to the past, and it hinders the way to the future.
Our house is a continuation of ourselves, our reflection. If you want changes – first of all, take care of your home. When the house is kept clean and in order, then the mind comes to order, and things are getting better. If you deal with old shoes, you can change your hairstyle, work, apartment, or take a different look at what’s there.

General principles

To get rid of blockages in the house, you need to be resolute and ruthless, and also clearly aware of why you do it. Keep in mind the following:

  • Before you buy something new, get rid of something old.
    If a thing has not come in handy for a year or two, it will never be needed.
    Ask yourself: do you leave this thing because it makes you happy or because you just need to leave it? If the latter, then it’s time to throw this thing into the garbage.
  • Your memories are not physical objects. Get rid of the old cracked grandmother’s vase does not mean to get rid of memories of how wonderful your grandmother was.
    If it is not clear whether it is worth throwing out some things, hide them somewhere for a month. What you need during this time, you can leave, the rest in the trash.

It is not necessary to carry everything to the dump. Certainly there will be absolutely new things that have never been used or put on. Hand them out, give them to charity or arrange a garage sale.

  • Wardrobe
    Start with clothes and shoes. Leaving old things just in case, you admit that this case will come and you will have to walk, for example, in shabby pants. Thus, you develop a philosophy of poverty in yourself, thinking that you can not buy new things, and you will have to wear old, unfashionable ones, having previously patched them up.
  • Everything old and worn, with spots and holes – in the garbage. Every old thing is, in fact, unrealized dreams and plans.
    The less you leave things, the sooner the wardrobe will be replenished with new ones.
    It is important to have in your wardrobe REALLY favorite things. Favorite things give self-confidence: they are sitting on you somehow differently, and you feel in them somehow especially – and this feeling is passed on to everyone around you.
  • Things that are physically uncomfortable or that are associated with unpleasant memories must be ruthlessly banished.
    In general, keep the closet in order: hang clothes according to color or style, do not leave clothes hanging on the backs of chairs, in time send to the laundry dirty.

Room and furniture
Do not be surprised that the implementation of plans all the time something prevents. Look around, how much rubbish you surround, interfering with the circulation of your ideas. When the house is filled with things that you love or use often, they are energized. And the debris, on the other hand, has a strong negative impact.

First of all, in the garbage can, it is necessary to throw out the cracked dishes and mirrors with some defects.

  • Broken electrical appliances – repair or eject.
    Books that were bought by chance and which they never used were subject to expulsion. In the end, there must be a set of books that will reflect you today and the way you want to be tomorrow.
  • There is always a temptation to postpone for later obsolete or requiring repairs. But this is like putting off happiness and harmony in the house for later.
    The maximum service life of a bed or sofa (at least a mattress) is 10 years, pillows are 3 years.
    Keep the house clean. Let it look as nice and pleasant as your money allows. Carefully prepare even the most simple food and cover the table with a taste that is only capable of.
  • Feelings when buying a new thing will affect your health when this thing is in your house.
    Buy only what is perfect, not just cute.
    It is necessary to constantly change something in the house, rearrange furniture, wipe the dust. Let things know that they have not been forgotten.

Do not be a hamster: if you hide everything you can into the hole, gradually things will kill all the pores at home and you yourself will find it hard to breathe in your own room. Do not hold on to things! If you want positive changes in your life, then make room for them.

Image credit:  Pexels