Cleaning after the New Year Holidays

Cleaning after the New Year Holidays

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Preparation for the New Year is on a wave of excitement. Preparing New Year’s dishes, decorating the house with garlands, snowflakes and various other holiday accessories, setting up a Christmas tree – these are all pleasant chores that precede a stormy celebration.

Holidays are very fun, but, unfortunately, very quickly. And in the apartment there is a mountain of uncleared dishes, a floor covered with various tinsel, dirty napkins and tablecloths and stains on all sorts of surfaces.

How to cope with cleaning in the apartments after the holiday, then to remember the New Year as a time of joy and relaxation, rather than tedious and long-lasting cleanliness.

On January 1, of course, you should not take cleaning, but you do not need to leave dirty dishes and the floor covered with crumbs from food. Dried dishes (if you do not have a dishwasher) will be even more difficult to clean, and crumbs will spread all over the apartment, and complicate further cleaning.

We act in this way: amicably, together with all the households we remove the dishes in the kitchen, the food, which remains, after the feast we lay out in convenient paddles and trays and hide it in the refrigerator. This must be done immediately.

Ideally, when one of the family members washes the dishes, and another vacuums. Children (depending on age) can also take an active part in cleaning. For example, wipe the dishes and put it in a cupboard. It is advisable to do this in the morning, because it is unlikely that you will have the strength for such a leisurely activity immediately after the New Year.

In a few days it is possible to undertake a spring cleaning

We disassemble the Christmas tree

  • It is not possible to disassemble an artificial Christmas tree. It does not pile up, it does not break, so there is not much garbage from it.
  • Natural spruce or pine is more difficult to disassemble. If you carry it through the whole apartment into the corridor, you need to sweep the needles not one week and not only in the apartment, but also on the staircase.

We recommend you three simple ways how to reduce the number of crumbling needles in the apartment

If the tree is not very large with thin branches, they can be cut off by a pruner at the trunk itself and immediately put in a large garbage bag. Will have to take out the trunk and package. The needles will be localized in the vicinity of the Christmas tree. Large garbage saw with a broom, and then vacuum the area.
Another option is the use of a packaging polyethylene film. We wrap the tree with a film, lightly pressing the branches to the trunk and everything – you can carry: firstly – the tree does not crumble, and secondly – it is not pricked. In order to avoid injuring your hands, you need to use protective gloves to disassemble the Christmas tree.
If there was no packing film in the house, the New Year’s beauty can be wrapped with an old sheet. The method is not as effective as using a film, but it also makes the process of removing the Christmas tree easier and cleaner.

We remove Christmas-tree needles

Large sprigs and pine needles are marked with a broom or a brush with a rigid pile. Do not attempt to use the vacuum cleaner immediately. Large rubbish can hammer and break equipment. Fine splinters of broken toys, needles, glitters try to remove the scotch tape. Wrap your hand in several layers with a sticky layer outward and walk through all the covers. Minor debris will stick to the scotch.

We remove Christmas-tree needles

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Carefully vacuum the floor and carpet. If there is good snow on the street, take out the carpets for cleaning to fresh air. Frost and snow not only clean and refresh the carpet, but also remove the unpleasant odors.

We store toys and New Year’s decor

Owners of a large house with utility rooms, there is no need to save space. In this case, the toys should be stored in their original packaging.

Preparation for the New Year

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If there is not a lot of storage space, then the most successful choice will be a plastic or cardboard (from a dense cardboard) box.

Thin-glass toys should be wrapped in two layers of paper: the first layer is a thin soft napkin, and the second is a stiffer paper, for example, a newspaper sheet. As a sealant, use granular foam or thin strips of soft paper. Option is simpler – cotton or toilet paper.

Small glass toys can be placed in the egg tray with a lid.

For the convenience of storing garlands, rain, beads, use hard cardboard cylinders from paper towels or toilet paper. Gently wrap the garland on a cardboard cylinder, and hide the power supply and the socket inward, then next year, you do not have to solve the puzzle where your garland has a beginning, and where the end is.

Keep candles, so they do not break down and do not hobble, you need in homemade cases. You can use old socks, paper bags for this.

The place for storing toys should be dry, in a damp, unstable environment, the spraying on glass toys is spoiled and crumbled.

We remove traces of Sparkler

After careless handling of Sparkler, black markers can remain on any surface.


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Burns on the laminate and linoleum are first cleaned with fine sandpaper. Spot the desired color with a nail polish or a special wax pencil suitable shade for the restoration of the laminate. If the cavity of the spark is deep enough, and the wax pencil can not cope with the repair, carefully clean the problem area with fine-grained sandpaper, then moisten the wadded disk with acetone (if the damage is small, use a cotton swab) and degrease the surface. Fill the hole with silicone sealant.

Carpeting from scraping is harder to clean. The tips of the long nap can be neatly trimmed or shaved with a razor. On a short nap, this method does not work, tanning can be added to tan marks.

Remove the burned pile can be coarse-grained “nazhdachkoy.” It is necessary to act cautiously, so as not to pull out villi. If the trail is not completely removed, treat the site with a mixture of vinegar, talc and finely chopped onions. On a floor of a glass of vinegar add a tablespoon of talc (twenty five grams) and cut a small onion. All mix and apply to the damaged surface. Wait until the mixture dries, and remove it with a brush.

We remove traces of candles on different surfaces

Another legacy of the New Year holidays is wax stains and paraffin wax from candles.


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To hurry to remove wax stains should not be, it is necessary to drip well dried. Drain the dried drop as much as possible with a convenient tool for you.

Remains of wax from a carpet, tablecloth, blanket or other textiles can be removed with an iron. Cover the spot with a white thin cotton cloth, and place a folded paper napkin under the spot with a spot, and walk along the fabric with a heated iron. Do the procedure several times, shifting or changing the paper napkin. Sometimes, after this method of removing paraffin and wax, a small fat stain remains on the surface of the tissue. It is easily washed with a normal manual or machine wash. From the carpet the stain will be washed off with a thick soap foam.

Remove wax from small items can be a method of cooling. Place the item in the freezer, after twenty or thirty minutes, the wax can be easily erased. The remaining grease stain is removed with solvents. Depending on the type of fabric, you can use gasoline, white spirit, acetone, kerosene. (Do not forget, first, check the effect of the solvent on a barely visible area of ​​the tissue).

Clear the metal candlesticks from the wax streaks by heating them in the oven. The warmed-up wax drains onto the baking sheet (cover the pan with parchment paper so as not to wash it afterwards), and you will only have to rub the candlesticks with a soft cloth.

We examined the main features of harvesting after the New Year holidays.
But if cleaning does not deliver you and your family happy minutes, or New Year’s holidays are so protracted that cleaning time can not be found, then contact the cleaning company.
Her employees will do everything for you with joy and high professional level, and the holidays will remain for rest and fun.