Take Advantage of Home Remodeling Tips for Keeping Its Sale Value Intact

Take Advantage of Home Remodeling Tips for Keeping Its Sale Value Intact

Home is where the heart is-goes the popular adage. Without an iota of doubt, your abode is amongst the priciest of possessions that shelters you and your family for years on end. So, it doesn’t need to be emphasized that you’d need to take good care of your dwelling so that you can continue living in it for a long time to come. At the same time, you also have to see to it that the sales value of your home (at current market rates) is kept intact should you ever need to relocate for good. Simply put, you’d have to undertake home renovation periodically so that you can reside safely within it as well as keep it resalable. Following are some practical home remodeling tips that you can make good use of.

1. A new door for your garage
Replacing the aged garage door with a new one could fetch you good ROI. If your house is facing a busy thoroughfare or a major street, then a replacement will put your property up for grabs. It is similar to going for a Botox surgery after you’ve developed crease lines and your skin begins to wrinkle. The door replacement could set you back by about $2300-$2,500 but the upside is that you could be able to recoup 87% of your investments. Opting for a carriage-style entrance regardless of whether it is made of natural wood or synthetic materials would call for regular upkeep.

2. Vinyl weatherproof coating for roof
Maintaining the roof is a vital part of any home renovation project. Since the top or uppermost structure of your house weathers maximum wear and tear as it is directly exposed to the elements, keeping the same in a tiptop condition is imperative. You could settle for vinyl roofing if the ceiling is in a really bad shape. A completely new vinyl weatherproofing could cost you approximately $12,000 and you can look forward to getting back at least 83% of your spending. However, you’d just have to go for a thorough rinsing of the top structure if it’s in a good shape.

3. Wood flooring will jack up the value tremendously
A refurbished home with wooden floors not only appeals to your aesthetic senses but also catches the fancy of prospective buyers. So, if you’re serious about giving your home a sparkling face lift during your subsequent home remodeling project, install for wooden floors. Homes with hardwood floors sell faster than those with engineered or blended floors as the latter is formaldehyde-based which is not conducive from the viewpoint of health. You spend something like $5,500 for this home renovation scheme and recover nearly 90% of what you invest.

4. Insulation matters a lot also
Buyers these days look for energy efficient homes and the efficiency is not limited to having only environmental friendly heating or plumbing systems. A home having sufficient windows and doors makes for better air circulation or ventilation. An upgrade in insulation will cost nothing less than $2,000 and you can expect to be reimbursed to the extent of 95%.

5. A new roof will fetch the maximum ROI
Replacing the old roof with a new one can be remarkably expensive but will fetch you over and above your investments. By spending in the range of $7,000 – $15,000 for a complete new roof, you can anticipate to make it back when you sell your home.

Image credit: feverpitched