When and How to Replace a Door Lock

When and How to Replace a Door LockRobbers and housebreakers, particularly the tech savvy ones will do everything possible in order to break-in and the main entrance door or the garage door is usually the first fortification that needs to be breached. So, the need to have a robust door lock that’ll thwart even the most sophisticated of intrusion attempts is imperative. However, with the passage of time, the locking mechanism will suffer wear and tear causing the padlock or deadbolt to malfunction. The following are some tell-tale signs which signal that it’s high time to replace the locks.

Rusted or worn-out padlocks

No matter how robust or hardwearing your lock might be, it is subject to the ravages of time. The security of your home is severely compromised if the locks in your glass entrance door or garage door have corroded or worn out with the passage of time. A rusted padlock catch is not only easier to prise open but also calls for applying greater effort to unlock with a key.

Misplaced keys

If you’ve lost or misplaced the keys of your door lock then you should seriously consider rekeying or going in for a new bolt. If you misplace keys frequently, then you could opt for a SmartCode combination lock that requires you to punch in a preset code for unlocking the door. Such a type of deadbolt usually comes with a keyhole allowing you to insert a key in case the unit malfunctions or you tend to forget the code.


A lock will surely bear signs (of break-ins) if burglars or intruders had attempted to burglarize your house. By continuing to use the damaged deadbolt, you’re putting the safety or security of your home at high risk. The robber or burglar who tried to the break-in on an earlier occasion will have it much easier if or when he finds out that the malfunctioning padlock is still intact.

New tenant or paying guest

If you rent out your premises, be in the know that your past tenant(s) may have easy access to your home in your absence, thanks to a duplicate key. Therefore the best option for you is to either make a fresh set of keys or replace the lock every time you take in a new tenant.

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