The Technical Side Of Florida Energy Efficient Roofing

The Technical Side Of Florida Energy Efficient RoofingA lot goes into roofing than most people realize. There are fundamentals to technology that come into play here and it’s a good idea to get the nuts and bolts of what they are.

First of all, the reflectivity of the roof is primary. This means that sunlight and heat are reflected away from the structure with a highly reflective color and material. It’s a combination of the two that achieves this and can be the difference between night and day regarding keeping heat away from the building.

The technical name for this is SRI which stands for Solar Reflectance Index. This is a benchmark by how we measure the heat from the sun. Again, a combination of factors such as roof color and material. Also, the next parameter is called emissivity is known as thermal emittance. This is how we measure how much heat the roof absorbs. Top of the list of materials via this index is asphalt and metal which can absorb upwards of 80% or more.

This all piles up under what Floridians need. It’s sunny year-round and of late the heat has been abominable. Lifelong residents will testify that the last two summers have been the hottest ever and that may or may not be due to climate change but it is a reality and such heat can raise the prices of energy considerably. People are barely able to make ends meet due to the amount of air conditioning needed night and day to just survive.

In Florida, air conditioning isn’t a luxury, it’s a matter of survival. There’s no telling how disastrous things could get should the power go out for millions as it would only take a few days to kill. Your home is your biggest investment and you want it as well protected as possible and the roof is where you start. As mentioned earlier, reflective surfaces are the first line of defense. A well-insulated roof that reflects a great deal of sunlight can do wonders regarding cooling the home or business structure. This allows for less use of electricity for running the structure which leads to savings but not compromising safety.

Tomorrow is too late to let your roof fall into disrepair or to not make it heat resistant. There are roofing professionals out here that brave the elements to convert your roof into something you can live in more ways than one. You can do a bit of research yourself and then communicate with your roofing specialists here in Florida, and the two of you can come up with an economically efficient solution that is best for one and all.

You must also look at the long term. Sure metal and other materials may cost more now, but there are discounts and one should check for government vouchers especially for low-income people, seniors, first-time home owners/builders, and people with disabilities. Do your homework and talk to your roofing specialist along the way. Miss no opportunity on savings now as the roof will last for half to a full century or more.

So, there are options for an energy-efficient roof. You need to talk to a specialist, do a little research, and fine-tune everything for final safety and the equity you can live with.

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Image credit: Done Rite Roofing