Safeguarding Plants From Cats – How To Keep Cats Out Of Houseplants

Safeguarding Plants From Cats - How To Keep Cats Out Of HouseplantsA cat is a wonderful pet. It is beautiful, relaxing purrs, and spending evenings with him on his knees is one of the nicest moments of rest. This animal gives a lot of joy, but sometimes causes a lot of trouble. Cats love to climb, dig, sniff and nibble, and sharpen claws – but most often on objects that absolutely do not serve it! The most frequent victim of cat’s curiosity is potted plants. After all, they create so many possibilities: you can kick, bite and push in them. How to protect flower pots from cat’s destructive curiosity?

– Grids for flower pots
The most important thing is to remove all poisonous plants for the cat. Regardless of the security, it is better to avoid contact with toxic plants and not risk losing his health or even life.

Safe plants can be secured in several ways, depending on what the kitty is most interested in. The subject of feline curiosity is usually earth, which is dug out of pots, as well as leaves and protruding twigs.

A good solution, which separates the cat from the flowers, is to put mesh covers on them. All you need is a piece of mesh (the most common one available in the garden shop), a few inches in length, larger than the flowerpot and perimeter. Collapse it into a roll (but not very tight) and surround it with a flower pot. Effect: the cat will not put claws between the eyes and the flower will be able to breathe freely.

-How to protect the ground?
The second most tempting cat is to bury in the ground and throw it out of the pot. This problem can also be solved with a garden net. Just cut the shape suitable for the pot and put it on the ground. Effect: similar to above. The cat will not put paws and claws between its eyes, and the plant will still have free access to the air and you will be able to water it.

 Protection against shedding from the window sill
If you place flowers on a window sill, it is very likely that the cat will throw the flowerpots from the window sill – accidentally or intentionally, as part of the fun.

The best solution will be to move them to a place that is inaccessible (or with difficult access) for the cat. However, if the plants are to remain on the windowsill, think about creating … a hurdle.

It is about securing the edge of the window sill from the flat side. Three pieces of wood will suffice: one with a window sill length and two short sides, to attach the longer one. A fence will rise, which will stop the pot being pushed!

Even if the methods of protecting plants against cats do not prove to be one hundred percent effective (who will predict, what idea will a clever animal come up with?), Their ideas will be somewhat discouraged. If access to something is difficult, the cat loses joy and looks for another object of interest – and this is also the idea!

Picture Credit: skeeze