Why It’s Important to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Dishwasher CleanUsually, by cleaning the dishwasher, we take out the filter in which food remains are collected. However, this is not all – it is worth to clean the metal casing of the device, on which a lot of dirt is collected. Do not forget about seals. The cleaning of these elements changes a lot – the dishwasher looks aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time we get rid of the unpleasant odor that can be created just around the rubber gaskets. The external washing of the dishwasher should be done at least once a week.

Home ways to clean your dishwasher

If we want to be more “eco” and we want to save money, it is very easy to clean the dishwasher, using what we have at hand – for example, vinegar and baking soda.

Cleaning the dishwasher with soda and vinegar

Cleaning the dishwasher with soda is a method known for years – soda has a slight caustic properties, neutralizes acids and odors and removes deposits. For sure it works in the dishwasher, just pour a few teaspoons into the space for a tablet.

The baking soda itself is not enough – vinegar is also needed, which has bactericidal properties and very effectively removes deposits and fat. Cleaning the dishwasher with vinegar will be effective if we put it in a cup, which we put on the bottom of the dishwasher. Pouring the liquid directly to the bottom does not make sense, because the water rinses the vinegar too quickly.

Cleaning the dishwasher – lemon acid

Citric acid is a great substitute for vinegar. Just mix it with baking soda and pour it into the place where you put the tablet. A similar mixture can also be used while washing dishes – it will handle sediments, fat and other dirt.

If the home methods do not suit us, we can find in the stores preparations specially designed for cleaning dishwashers. Their use is very simple – put a bottle of detergent in an empty dishwasher and turn on the washing program (at high temperature). Of course, these types of detergents have several drawbacks – they are so strong that we can use them only once every three months. Their smell is strong and corrosive, so later it’s better not to put silicone washing items (for example, spatulas or molds).

How often do you clean the dishwasher?

Cleaning the dishwasher with a special detergent according to the manufacturer’s instructions should be carried out at least once every three months. However, we know from experience that this is not enough, so you should use organic home-made means that will not harm the dishwasher and will keep it in perfect cleanliness.

Cleaning of filters and spare parts must be done at least once a week. Otherwise, the dishwasher may not fake, and the smell of it will certainly not be pleasant.

Finally, think about other parts, for example, spray arms or a solenoid valve. In the case of a solenoid valve, it is best to call a specialist who will safely unscrew the appropriate part and clean it.

Spray arms can be removed by yourself when the dishwasher is switched off. We wash them under running water, using a wooden stick to clean the small holes that can be clogged by dirt and sediments.

Cleaning the dishwasher using home methods – why is it worth it?

It can not be concealed that the chemicals that settle on the dishes are not always completely rinsed out. After taking it out of the dishwasher, you can feel a characteristic chemical smell that lasts for a long time. By using natural remedies such as vinegar, soda or citric acid, we will avoid this problem. What’s more, washing will turn out cheaper and more economical. It is worth trying at least once – the effects will be surprisingly good.

Picture Credit: manfredrichter