How To Clean Your Windows After A Renovation

How To Clean Your Windows After A RenovationRenovation is finally completed. Is it possible to breathe with relief and enjoy the fruits of your labors? Of course! Just before you are waiting for another exciting activity – post-renovation cleaning. To assess the scope of work, just look at the windows.

Drops of wallpaper glue, cement sprays, powdered with drywall dust, lime stains – new windows are “decorated” with signs of almost all repair work. Removal of such contamination is not so easy, but possible.

Follow our instructions and you will be able to clean the windows with minimal time and effort.

# 1
Before taking up the cleaning of glass, you need to remove the protective tape from the window profiles. Manufacturers, of course, recommend doing it immediately after installation, but many ignore this advice, believing that the film will help protect the frame from contamination.

If you have difficulty removing the protective tape, try using a glass-ceramic scraper (be very careful not to damage the plastic). You can also heat the tape with a hair dryer, it is important not to overdo it – it is almost impossible to remove the melted tape.

After the frames are cleaned, they need to be vacuumed, paying special attention to hard-to-reach places that could get into dust and small construction debris.

# 2
We clean the windows of traces of renovation: dried paint, cement, glue, varnish, etc. It is best to do this with a special scraper for cleaning glasses (it is sold in building supermarkets).

Avoid using a knife, tile scraper, trowel – these tools may scratch the glass.

# 3
Now proceed to the main thing – washing windows. It seems to you that this is the most difficult and time-consuming process? Let me convince you otherwise. With a window vacuum cleaner, you can wash all the windows in the house in literally half an hour.

The principle of operation of this device is very simple: it sucks the liquid from the glass surfaces, while not leaving stains and stains. First, apply detergent to the window with a spray bottle, let it work, and then wipe off contamination with a microfiber coating (the spray bottle and coating are included). After that, run the included window vacuum on the glass, collecting dirty water.

This method of washing windows is the simplest and most effective. Firstly, the detergent has an active formula, and therefore removes dirt well and leaves no stains. And secondly, thanks to the instantaneous suction of water in the vacuum cleaner, no smudges remain on the glass, it is not necessary to rub it with a newspaper or a rag, and a dirty pool does not form at the bottom of the window. The device works on the battery, which makes it very convenient and mobile.

It’s done – your windows shine clean! Now you can definitely celebrate the end of the renovation and enjoy the freshness of the renovated house.

Picture Credit: bruce mars