The Right Credentials Makes For Hiring The Right Roofer

The Right Credentials Makes For Hiring The Right RooferRoofing is an important application to your home or structure. If you live in the desert areas or rainy or snowy areas, once the roof goes, so does the home. Often just a small bit of repair is needed and on other occasions a major repair or construction job is called for and that means understanding the credentials your roofer has to have.

There are four primary levels of credentials. Three are required by law and one is just one of common sense and professional acumen.
First of all, a roofing company has to be licensed. This lets the customer and authorities know that the roofing company/roofer has met the requirements to actually perform the service. This protects both the roofer and the client. Any roofer showing up saying their licensed and don’t show the credentials, then they’re running a scam and it would not end good to hire such a person. Often a state will require a roofer to take two exams followed up with correct documentation of at least four years of working experience. Roofers get such experience from working under licensed professionals. A roofing contractor thus hires workers who aren’t licensed, but that’s okay and is the way these workers get the experience they need to later become licensed roofers.

Being bonded calls for extra responsibility on the part of the contractor. They acquire a municipal bond that adds to fund that is already in place that will provide for compensation in specific situations. The bond keeps you protected in case the roofing contractor can’t or won’t finish the job, commits a crime, violates agreements with the municipality, or fails to meet their obligations to subcontractors or vendors. If any of these occur, it gives you, the client a chance to get some or all of your money back. Thus, making sure your roofer is bonded is of utmost importance. Do not underestimate or play around with this credential.

Next is insurance. Your roofing contractor must be insured. That should go without saying but some people make the error of thinking they can let a roofer, especially a friend or friend of a friend get by on this. It is a horrid mistake to make. If that roofer isn’t insured and has an accident on your property while in the course of during their job, you could be liable for their injuries and that can go on for the lifetime of the injured person. Without such insurance, states won’t grant a license and then you’ll be in trouble double time if you hire one of these irresponsible roofers.

All three of these criteria must be part of your decision to hire a roofer. It doesn’t mean that the company that meets all the credentials is going to do a competent job. Some lousy roofing people slip through the cracks, but having these three credentials confirmed still protects you.

Even if a company or website blasts the fact that they are bonded, licensed, and insured, it’s not the be all and end all of your roofing repair needs, it’s just an indicator and a sign post to what you should be looking for.

Credentials are a must, but your own good judgment comes into play as well. Compare roofing companies with customer comments, Better Business Bureau listings and reports and other consumer watchdog sites. It will save you a lot of money and headache.

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