Living in Florida? These are the best types of wood floors you should know about!

Living in Florida? These are the best types of wood floors you should know about!Florida is pretty much a one of a kind state, being basically a sandbar, which means that the water table is only a few feet under the topsoil. Considering this, it’s very difficult – if not impossible – to have a house with a basement, not to mention the interior humidity, which is high in most cases.

Considering this, it doesn’t come as a surprise that all homes are built on solid cement stabs and they don’t incorporate a sub-floor before installing carpeting. Sure, wood can be a flooring option, but let’s not forget about the climate in this area, which needs to be understood before deciding on going with this variant. But don’t worry, we got you all covered!

Next up, we’re going to talk a bit about the most important types of wood floors any Florida resident who is planning to make some changes around the house should know about.

Hardwood flooring

Obviously, this is the most tempting choice, at least in terms of looks, since nothing compares to it. Still, it’s far from being affordable, not to mention that the repair costs are pretty big.

However, the most important aspect you should be aware of is that it doesn’t get along with Florida humidity, as it can expand a lot if there’s moisture in the air. It’s highly recommended for installers to leave a space between the edge and the wall, to simply compensate for this expansion. Besides this, humidity can lead to rotten hardwood flooring. And nobody likes this, right?

Laminated wood

This is also a very popular option since it resembles real wood. Over the past years, laminated wood floors have improved significantly and that linoleum feel is history. Basically, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a laminated floor and real hardwood.

As for its pluses, this type of flooring resists to moisture and scratches, doesn’t fade in the sunshine, and can be installed straight over concrete, without a sub-floor.

Engineered wood

Keeping it short, a top quality engineered wood floor is ideal for Florida’s climate, as well as the building style. Besides giving the possibility to be laid directly onto a cement slab, it can be installed with a sub-flooring, to prevent any moisture.

Engineered wood itself is designed to deflect increased moisture levels and it’s also 300 percent harder than the actual hardwood, thanks to the acrylics it contains. Finally, it’s not affected at all by environmental changes and it won’t expand in time if there’s a bit of humidity in the air.

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Image credit: jessebridgewater