Housekeeping tips for the Modern Housewife

Housekeeping tips for the Modern HousewifeRemove the label from the product, whether it’s a cookware or a book bought as a gift, will help hot air. Hold the sticker under the hot spray of the hair dryer and gently remove, avoiding sticky residue from the glue.

  1. Remove ordinary scale salt from the iron. Spread it on a sheet of paper and gently iron it at medium temperature.
  2. About the crystal shine of the dishes will take care of the products containing special components that are activated during washing dishes and easily remove stale grease and impurities.
  3. Dirty your favorite blouse with lipstick? Squeeze out your usual gel for washing, rub between your palms and wash as usual.
  4. Lacquered shoes can be cleaned with a glass cleaner. So you save the shine and even disguise the small cracks.
  5. If there is no special brush at hand, small patches on the suede will help to remove a rough nail file.
  6. Foil can help sharpen the scissors. Fold her sheet several times and boldly cut, the blades will quickly become sharper.
  7. Baby powder will help to get rid of clothes from a greasy stain.
  8. Use regular Sodium carbonate to clean the silver. Rinse the silver thing, put it on the bottom of the saucepan on a sheet of foil and add a solution: 1/4 cup Sodium carbonate + a few teaspoons of salt + 1 liter of boiling water. After a few minutes, as a result of the chemical reaction, all the darkening from the surface of silver will disappear!
  9. To easily wash the microwave from the inside, you should leave a bowl of water in it for a few minutes. After steam processing, you just need to wipe the walls with a rag.
  10. If you do not like to cool lemonade or wine with ordinary ice, use fruit! In advance, leave in the freezer grapes, any other berries or cut into pieces of citrus, and how to freeze, add to the drink.

Image Credit: neshom