How to Plan Your Open Spaces and Loft Designs

How to Plan Your Open Spaces and Loft Designs

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The idea of ​​”open space” or premises in the style of “loft” was borrowed from architects and designers of New York. Because of the lack of living space in large cities, people had to live in industrial premises, the planning of which did not provide zoning. Much later, free planning became the choice of wealthy people. But the original concept meant saving.

The concept of free organization of the premises is relevant for owners of small apartments. Open space in addition to saving living space, entails a number of inconveniences associated with the lack of personal space, places for storing personal belongings, limited planning and decorating the premises with a single style. However, cleaning the loft takes less time, and the arrangement will cost a much smaller amount. A modest budget and the desire to create an apartment in the “open space” format can be combined with each other, if you make a little effort and know what to save on.

You can save money primarily by zoning space using inexpensive, hand-decorated things. Walls and partitions can be replaced by functional shelves or a bar counter. Savings are due to the lack of additional spending on the installation of walls and doors, as well as multifunctionality of interior items.

Loft Design

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A bar counter in the kitchen is the most obvious solution, allowing you to visually divide the space and organize an extra space for cooking and eating. As materials for the bar, you should use natural stone or acrylic. This choice will provide maximum comfort and reliability.

You can also divide space with screens. This will make zoning mobile and cheap. If necessary, the zones can be combined by removing the barriers. The screens can be replaced by the moving partitions moving along the curtain. Both options add a certain color to the interior design of the room. Among the latest trends – the creation of screens from family photos.

As a separator and decorative element, floor pots with plants or vertical gardening devices can be used. The latter adds to the interior of freshness and spaciousness.

Inexpensive things, lovingly decorated with the hands of their owners, will become an original element of the decor, reflecting the inner world of the owners, and will also save the family budget. You can use your own photos for installation on walls and shelves. During economic instability, the trend towards creating interior items is gaining popularity.

Central and local lighting, organized with the help of lamps and chandeliers, allows you to effectively divide the space of the apartment with different intensity and modes of operation of the devices. Directional lamps can illuminate the kitchen as brightly as possible for convenient cooking and eating, while small sconces provide a cozy twilight in a rest area or a dream. Correctly picking up lighting devices, you can avoid the financial costs of erecting partitions.

Small decor elements

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Small decor elements allow to give the apartment a unique appearance. Harmoniously matched curtains can simultaneously create a cozy atmosphere in the room, divide the space and hide the design flaws of the room. Bedspreads and pillows with living patterns qualitatively improve the perception of the concept of the design of the room, and also protect the furniture from pollution.