How to Find and Fix a Leak in Your Roof

How to Find and Fix a Leak in Your RoofIf you notice that the ceiling has become wet. Do not wait until it starts to drip, start the repair!

Leaks are most often caused by roof deformation. We do not recommend delaying the elimination of roof leaks / in the roof, the damage grows and can lead to the need for reconstruction and even replacement of bearing beams. And this pleasure is not cheap.

Do not lose your money, call us at the first sign of a leak! We will do the job quickly, efficiently and accurately!


We treat our business responsibly, so we do not mask the problem, but eliminate its cause. Experience has shown that leakage can be insidious and be far from its visible signs. Among the main causes of leaks emit:

Poor waterproofing. Perhaps this is the negligence of the “wild” brigade that you hired for roofing or savings on materials. Either the roof serves for a long time and the insulation layer has already worn out. In any case, the coating will have to be removed to partially or completely replace the insulating layer. Sometimes parts of the coating also change.
Poor roof ventilation. If you have a cluttered attic and the roof is not ventilated, due to the difference in temperature in the room and on the street condensate will form, which spoils the roof covering and enters the house. We’ll have to build a ventilation or vapor barrier.
Careless attitude to the drain. Here and the wrong choice of drain, sloppy installation, and lack of maintenance. If the drain is blocked or water is frozen in it, this will cause damage to the roof, regardless of the type of coating.
Roof damage. Formed as a result of the wear of the roof, the divergence of its elements, mechanical scratches from the snow shovel, careless walking on the roof. In this case, the elimination of roof leaks will require the replacement of damaged areas of the coating.

If you notice a leakage of the roof, do not wait, call a roof repairman. To find out the cost of work, call the measurer. He will advise on how best to fix your problem and accept a request for execution.

Picture Credit: Done Rite Roofing