How to Remove Stains from Coffee, Chocolate or Cocoa

How to Remove Stains from Coffee, Chocolate or Cocoa

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Annoying spots can spoil a completely new thing, and no powder to be advertised in advertising takes them. So, it’s time to act in old, proven ways …

Before applying this or that recipe for cleaning clothes (especially you need to be careful when removing stains on dyed fabrics), try it first somewhere on the wrong side, in the seam or bend.

When removing stains, it is necessary to carefully remove the dust with a brush, otherwise after cleaning on the fabric, rasters may result. It is recommended to remove the stain from the wrong side by placing a sheet of blotting paper under the cloth (you can replace the blotting paper with paper napkins) or a small plank covered with a white cloth in several layers. Clean the stain with a cotton swab or a soft white cloth, and a soft brush. The tampon is first moistened with a spot near the spot, then gradually shift from edge to middle. With this method, the stain will not blur. Begin to clean with a weak solution, if necessary gradually increasing its concentration.

Coffee, chocolate, cocoa

Coffee, chocolate, cocoa

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Stains from coffee are removed with a brush dipped in warm water. Then the whole thing is thoroughly washed in a warm soapy solution (half a teaspoon of soda ash or 1 teaspoon of ammonia per liter of water). After that, rinse twice in a warm and once in a cold, slightly acidified water with vinegar.

Stains from chocolate, coffee, cocoa on light-colored woolen and silk fabrics are removed by warmed-up glycerin. Spot rub wiped with glycerin in cotton wool, and after 10-15 minutes wash with warm water.

For silk fabrics use a mixture consisting of 20 parts of glycerin, 1 part of 10 percent ammonia and 20 parts of water. Wet the stain with this mixture, wipe with fleece and rinse with warm water.

Stains from coffee on linen or cotton fabric are removed by boiling, pre-soaping the fabric. Boil until the stain disappears.
Stains from coffee from cotton and linen fabrics are removed with a 5% solution of common salt with water.

Elderly spots from coffee are moistened with a mixture of glycerin (1 teaspoon), water (1 teaspoon) and ammonia (several drops). When the stain disappears, this place is washed with hot water.

Old spots of chocolate, coffee, cocoa on light fabric can be removed with a solution of oxalic acid (half a teaspoon per glass of water) or a solution of hyposulfite (1 teaspoon per half a cup of water). After the thing is cleaned by one of these means, it should be washed in soapy water, adding two teaspoons of ammonia to 1 liter of water, and rinse thoroughly in warm water.

On woolen and silk cloth, the stains from coffee are smeared with a thin layer of glycerin, after which it is washed with warm water and ironed from the inside.

Just woolen and silk fabrics are cleaned with a cloth moistened with soapy water with the addition of ammonia (for 1 liter of water a few teaspoons of ammonia), and then the thing is washed.

On the suit of the stain, you should first rub it with gasoline, and then wash it with ammonia, dissolved in half with water.

Another spot from the coffee on the suit can be wiped with a wet brush and wrung out in a towel.

How to Get Chocolate Stains

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Stains from chocolate should be wiped with a solution of ammonia or washed off with strongly salted water.

The aged spots from chocolate on white things can be deduced by hydrogen peroxide, having impregnated with it a fabric and having supported 10-15 minutes. After this, the thing is rinsed in cold water.

Stains from chocolate on woolen and silk light fabrics can be deduced by glycerin. After 10-15 minutes, the product must be rinsed in warm water. The same spots on the dark tissue are removed with a solution of 20 parts of glycerin, 1 part of ammonia and 20 parts of water. Spot should be moistened with a prepared mixture, wipe with a cloth, and then rinse with warm water.