How to Reduce and Save Money on Utility Bills

How to Reduce and Save Money on Utility Bills

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Check the insulation

Take care of good insulation of walls and attic. Qualitatively insulated roof by 15% increases the heat efficiency of the house, allows you to turn the attic into a room suitable for year-round living.

Wooden window frames replaced plastic double-glazed windows. They are more reliable, but over time the mounting foam dries out, the rubber bands harden. Check if it blows from your windows. If so, repair the cracks, otherwise you will heat the street in winter. Also check the thermal insulation of the front door.

Adjust the room temperature

When leaving for work or leaving for a summer residence, reduce air-conditioners. Why do you need to cool the empty rooms? Returning, you can cool the apartment to a comfortable level.

Replace the filament lamp with LED

This will require investments, but they will pay off. LED light bulbs consume 8-10 times less energy than conventional light bulbs.

When you leave the room turn off the lights

Banal advice, but we often neglect it. It is especially important to teach children to turn off the light.

Install motion sensors

These devices are relevant not only for the entrances of apartment buildings, but also for terraces and attics in private houses, corridors, balconies, pantries and other premises where we rarely look and where we simply forget to turn off the light.

Check the energy efficiency of household appliances

Modern household appliances are divided into energy efficiency classes.

Check the energy efficiency of household appliances

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The higher it is (A ++, A +, A), the less energy the device consumes per hour. If your refrigerator and oven are labeled below C, you should consider replacing them. Yes, it will also require investments, but in the long term the benefits will be much greater.

Do not always need hot water (140 ° F and above) to wash the dirt. Remember this when next time you start washing.

Another way to save – spin at a lower speed (600 or 800 instead of 1 200). Yes, you will get more wet clothes, but save energy.

Call the plumber

If the tap is dripping or the toilet tank is leaking, it is not water that runs into the pipe, but your money. Eliminate all sanitary leakage yourself or with the help of a professional.

Do not pour water without use

Close the tap when brushing your teeth, shaving or applying detergent to the dishes. A stream of running water is simply wasteful.

Use the dishwasher. It saves water and uses only cold water.

Apply these tips in a comprehensive manner, and the savings will become tangible.