Most Effective Ways to Clean Grout Between Tiles

Most Effective Ways to Clean Grout Between Tiles

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Good housewives want the tile to always shine and sparkle. Especially it concerns the bathroom. But what if the dazzling white seams between the tiles recently turned yellow, or, worse, turned black, from mold and mildew that appeared? It turns out that the experienced landlady has a lot of means and ways, to return the original cleanliness to the intershell filling of the tiles.

The tile did not appear on the market yesterday, and experienced housewives know quite a few ways to get back the original look. Let us recall some of the most popular and proven ways:

Restore the whiteness of the seam between the tiles will help a mixture consisting of half a glass of baking soda, juice from a third of a lemon, a quarter of a glass of vinegar. These components are required to dissolve in one and a half liters of warm water. The acid when combined with soda will foam abundantly, therefore, to avoid splashing, stirring should be done slowly, preferably on the balcony, using rubber gloves. The mixture is rubbed into the seams by a sponge or toothbrush. 3a 10-15 minutes after application, this mixture is able to restore the original whiteness of the interlacing seams in the bathroom.

No less popular is the cleanser for intertitic joints, where the ingredients are the same soda, lemon juice, toothpaste and mustard. The proportions of soda and juice are the same as in the previous recipe. The way of using is similar;
Another interesting recipe involves mixing one and a half liters of water, half a glass of soda, the same lemon juice, vinegar. It differs from the first recipe in that one tablespoon of ammonia is added to the composition.

We use household cleaners

Household cleaning products, non-toxic and effective, are manufactured by various manufacturers, The most popular of them are:

  • Quickly cope with the fungus and mold is helped by a special felt-tip pen with a water-resistant dye. Destroying the harmful microflora, it masks the resulting color defects;
  • Oxygen bleach is mixed 50/50 with warm water. It is necessary to spray tile or apply the composition with a sponge to a dirty place, and leave the product for half an hour, for an hour at most. Oxygen-containing ions have the property of penetrating deeply into the structure of the seam, decomposing mud, which is then easily removed by a simple brush;
  • Perfectly removes dirt, stains and plaque yet another special care for tile, known as melamine Magic Eraser. If you have such a sponge, you will not need anything other than water. Melamine, reacting with water, actively penetrates into the pores, removing accumulated dirt.

Ways to Clean Grout Between Tiles

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While giving an overall assessment of chlorine-containing household bleaching agents, it should be noted that they are really effective, ideally cope with the task in the event that the master used a trowelling fugue of white color. When, on the designer’s plan, the clerks used a colored fugue, the chlorine-containing agents can lighten the trowel.

How to clean interliter seams: we take in hand the steamer

Having a steamer on the farm will allow you to save on household chemicals. The jet of hot steam created by the nozzle of the steamer is considered one of the simplest and most accessible ways to clean joints between tiles. In addition to its obvious budget, ecological cleanliness and safety, this technology is remarkable because the cleaning process will not fill the apartment with the smell of chemicals. After the steaming procedure, the dirt accumulated in the seams, comes to the surface and you will only have to gently wipe the surface.

If nothing happens – you need to solve the problem radically!

If none of the proposed methods helped and the spots did not disappear, the grout in the intercafe space should be decisively removed, then to restore it anew. Seams can be cleaned with a screwdriver or a simple sandpaper, neatly folded in half. The main thing is to act extremely accurately not to scratch the protective glazed coating on the tile. If you confidently hold a grinding machine (popularly known as a Bulgarian) in your hands, you can remove the old fugue with it, by purchasing a special cutting disc in the building shop – “for concrete”. After cleaning the intertitic joints from dirt before applying a new jigular composition, carefully cleaned grooves with an antifungal agent and a primer.

Some tips for tile care

Having once defeated the mold, try to prevent the appearance of this problem the second time. On sale there is a special tool for the treatment of joints after grouting. After removing excess fugue, gently apply the composition on its surface, making sure that the concentrated acid containing liquid does not get on the tile. And one more tip. Not every sponge or napkin is suitable for regular cleaning of tiles. To moisture does not naturally accumulate in the seams when rubbing the tile, you can use a special bamboo napkin, created using natural biofibre technology.