House Cleaning Tips for a Busy Mother

House Cleaning Tips for a Busy MotherHow much time do you spend on cleaning? It is not necessary to run around the house with a mop in one hand and a brush – in another. Learn to get out right, and then home affairs will cease to be a painful duty, and time will be more than enough for everything.

Cleaning schedule

A common practice is to clean up everywhere and everywhere on the selected day of the week (usually this is a day off). A day of “X”, when all households are handed over a rag and wind with water, until the night everyone wipes every centimeter from floor to ceiling. Wrong approach, because the whole day you “kill” for cleaning, and in fact could do something more interesting. And all efforts already by the next evening after active children’s games will go to “no” – again a mess.

Why not make a cleaning schedule? Each room in the apartment is polluted at different rates. So divide all the cases on different days. For example, it is desirable to clean the kitchen every day. No, not with powder and soap, but at least just wipe the stove and the table, wash the dishes. Other tasks (vacuuming the floor, wiping dust) can be performed at intervals of 3-5 days or once a week. To put things in order in the kitchen and linen closets can be and even less often – once a month.

Input control

The less you bring home unnecessary things, the purer your home will become. Establish the entrance control and stop storing on the shelf in the hallway promotional leaflets, newspapers. From all unnecessary get rid of at the approaches to the house! And something important immediately finds its place of permanent residence.

Containers for storage of things

Everything should be in its place – a pledge of cleanliness and order in the house. Housewives will need a container for storing things – kitchen tools, wires for electronics, important documents and invoices, sewing supplies. Do not do without plastic boxes and in the children’s room – no toy will not be lost.

Just do not rush to run to the store right away for the beautiful colorful boxes and trunks for storing things. Their use will only be effective when you finally “shred” your house, and determine for each group of things their place. Otherwise, all these containers will become another “cemetery” of unnecessary trifles.

Top down

When deciding choose the most effective route. Arrange order sequentially, moving from surface to surface from top to bottom. Go from room to room to not always return to the missed areas and pollute what has already been washed.
Here everything is simple first wipe the dust from the high dressing table, cabinets and shelves, then from the low tables and bedside tables. At the final stage, you can start cleaning the floors.

Garbage baskets in each room

You will stop running from room to room, cleaning up for the child (or for the husband?) Scraps of paper, sticks of apples and jars of yoghurt, if put in each room by a trash can.

And room “trash” will look quite aesthetically, if you replace them with small interior vases and put, for example, on a written or computer desk.

Protect surfaces from dust

Hardly accessible places of the hands during cleaning are rare, there for years dust can accumulate. To be clean, you can make high shelves on the cabinets with polyethylene film – periodically remove such protection and discard, replace with a new one.

Effectively it is in the kitchen. To ensure that the shelf surface in the cabinets and the refrigerator is clean, cover them with napkins (not fabric, but oilcloth) – beautifully and comfortably. If necessary, simply remove them, shake off the debris and rinse with water.

A temporary way to keep the cooker clean – while cooking, fry and steam, cover the free cooking surface with foil, and then discard. Save time to clean the kitchen.

Use the right tissues

Wash the floors and wipe the dust from the tables and shelves with special microfiber napkins. They do not roll down, they hold the moisture inside for a long time, they dry up quickly, they wear off well.

Correct mat in the hallway

Replace the rug that lies at your door so that dirt from the street does not spread throughout the house. Suitable material is like a mat. Sand through the holes in the material will settle on the floor under the rug itself – then you can easily collect everything in the scoop.

Sorting of laundered laundry

No time to pat? No problem. If the washed laundry is stored on the chest like Mount Everest, sort it at the drying stage. Hang up clean clothes (pants to pants, sheets to the sheets, baby clothes separately.) All that is dry, on the same system, lay out on neat piles.

And think, do you really need to iron all your clothes? Do not iron socks, children’s tights. Do not waste time in vain. And duvet covers and sheets, if they are carefully weighed before drying, and then properly put in piles, by the time of use will be as if ironed.

Image Credit: alphalight1