How to Kick Your Clutter Habit and Live in a Clean House

How to Kick Your Clutter Habit and Live in a Clean HouseHow to optimize the establishment of order and even get pleasure from it? We offer a few tips fast and high-quality cleaning of the home.

Create mood

So that the cleaning does not turn into a service and penal servitude – set the mood. To begin, praise yourself – say: “I am a good young man and I can bring my house into a wonderful view so that the whole family has a good holiday.” Turn on your favorite music. If while you are cleaning yourself, treat yourself to compositions that are very personal to you, listen to old tracks that may not appeal to your husband or relatives. Then switch to energetic music – recharge your batteries – and go to the top. Challenge yourself – “I will clean the apartment in 2 hours” – and try not to get out of timing.

Buy everything you need

Check whether you have in the “arsenal” of fixtures and household chemicals for easy and high-quality cleaning – a convenient mop with a wringer, napkins for dust, a rubber scraper for windows, reading for surfaces, and also a spray for glasses. If not, run with the list to the store, especially since in many places it is New Year’s Eve discounts. Buy accessories cheerful colors – they will help create a mood.

Feel like the all-powerful Julius Caesar

The main thing – do not fuss – you are the mistress in this small universe – and you can bring perfect order in it. Do things right away at the same time. It is better to start with “problem”, but very noticeable areas – the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Smear plumbing and stove with a cleaning agent or gel, but while they otkisat – wash the dishes and put the extra pans in the lockers. This approach will save time. Remove unnecessary cosmetics from prominent places – in closed cabinets. Experiment with the composition – arrange beautiful bottles beautifully on the shelf, selecting them by colors. Do not postpone washing windows, mirrors and shower doors for later – they are laundered in a few minutes if you splash them with window cleaner – and then wipe with a rubber scraper.

Walk thoroughly in the rooms

If there is very little time – and there is a lot of unnecessary stuff – try to sort it into bags or baskets. Provided that time is not running out – pick things that are rarely used for gifts to friends or for charitable purposes. If these are clothes and they are clean – make an appointment and immediately give them away – this will free up a significant part of the space in the closets and on the shelves. If things that you do not use, can not be restored or peredarivaniyu – boldly carry in the trash. In the rooms, be sure to go through the vacuum cleaner, and then do a wet cleaning, do not forget about the shelves on which dust accumulates, about the openings under the batteries and baseboards. Arrange a “shower” for indoor plants that love to “wash” – they will look well-groomed and complement the festive order.

Start a new tradition

Promise yourself in the new year to get out gradually. Make it a rule to clean the trash or just an unnecessary thing – in passing – not expecting a grand cleaning. Then the next time putting things in order will not turn into a painful and protracted process. Also note trends — if trash accumulates from unnecessary, randomly purchased items — don’t buy these anymore.

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