Tips For Washing And Caring For Your Pillow

Tips For Washing And Caring For Your Pillow

The popularity of using orthopedic mattresses and pillows continues to grow all over the world. And all because healthy sleep in comfortable conditions is simply necessary for a good rest. At a comfortable position of the body during sleep, relaxes muscles as much as possible, improves blood circulation. A person wakes up with a new charge of energy, energy and good mood. In order to maintain longer useful performance, the orthopedic pillow must be cleaned and washed properly.

Features of orthopedic pillow care

There are two groups of products – with natural and synthetic filler. Each of these materials has its own properties and recommendations for care. Therefore, if you have a desire to wash the orthopedic pillow, check first if you can do this so as not to spoil it.

If the filler is natural latex

In expensive orthopedic products, natural latex is used as a natural filler. It is made using valuable raw materials – cauliflower milk of Brazilian geese. The unique properties of natural latex add pillows at the same time softness and elasticity.

Adhering to the shape of the body, it perfectly supports the head and neck. Such a pillow is recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cervical spine.

Washing a pillow of natural latex is not recommended at all.

If it was accidentally contaminated by something sticky or smelly:

  • It can only be washed manually in warm water with a liquid detergent;
  • it is possible to rub the contaminated surface gently with a soft sponge;
  • it is impossible to press, it is possible to get wet with towels, then to dry without heating under a fan;
  • dry in the sun is strictly forbidden – ultraviolet negatively affects latex, destroying it, the pillow can become rigid and covered with brown sticky spots.

Care is to change the pillowcase, periodic overturning.

A product with a natural latex filler can maintain its properties for up to 20 years when properly used. The only drawback is the high price.

Care for synthetic and mixed latex

An ecological and hypoallergenic pillow with a filler in the form of elastic polyurethane foam can be purchased at a lower cost. An orthopedic pillow with such a filler can be washed more than once for 6 months in a washing machine in a delicate short-term mode.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the label and care instructions.

In most cases, the mix is ​​offered with a filler in the form of a mixture of natural latex and synthetic. Mixed latex is a light, elastic, material resistant to mechanical tearing. Pillow with mixed contents can not be washed and pressed. Only cleaning is allowed:

  • wipe with a soft detergent sponge;
  • thorough rinsing with cold water only;
  • squeeze with light hands on the plane;
  • dry at least 12 hours in a well ventilated place.

Filler mix can not be dried in the sun and near heaters.

How to wash a pillow with a memory effect

Such products retain the shape obtained under the weight and temperature of the head and neck during sleep. In this case, the pillow does not spring, but slowly adjusts. After termination, it returns to its original state. To save these properties, you do not have to try to wash these products. Water can destroy the structure of the material, eliminating its unique properties.

The basis of memory memoric fillers is the materials used:

  • high elastic polyurethane foam – porous material with high air permeability;
  • viscolex – a highly elastic foam with a latex component in the composition;
  • specialized gel – has a cooling effect, more often contains polyurethane foam;
  • silicone base

Washing the product is not possible if the basis is polyurethane foam, a material with memory effect or with inserts of memorix. Enough airing in the fresh air every three months. Only detachable covers can be washed and cleaned.

A good orthopedic pillow is needed and useful to everyone. Try to care for it, keeping all its useful qualities, and you will always be sleeping, cheerful and beautiful.

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