How to Deep Clean a Washing Machine

How to Deep Clean a Washing MachineHow do you clean the washing machine using home methods?

We can not imagine life without it. It helps us to wash, rinse and soak. Washer. Invariably one of the most important elements of our life and home. In order to enjoy its long functioning and trouble-free operation, it should be cleaned from time to time. Our washing machines, as they have contact with water, can be stoned and molded, so remember to clean it regularly.

If you notice that your laundry is not cleaned or the unwashed powder appears on your clothes, it is a sign that your washing machine needs cleaning. How to do it simply and effectively? How do you clean the washing machine using home methods?

How do you clean the washing machine with vinegar?
The basic product that you definitely have in your kitchen is vinegar. It does not have to be used only for cooking. Quite often, we also use it in order. The use of vinegar is quite popular, it helps to remove streaks from windows, grease from the oven, also works well in the case of descaling the washing machine.

To use vinegar to clean the washing machine, simply:

Put more than half a glass of vinegar into the powder chamber and start the washing machine on the basic program. You can also add a bit of citric acid that will add freshness.

Preventive cleaning and soda
Another product that is found in virtually every kitchen cupboard is soda. This is a very popular ingredient that can be found in the kitchen of more than one House. It is also increasingly used to remove impurities. Soda has dissolving and absorbing properties, thanks to which it easily handles various difficult impurities such as stone, rust or scorching. Soda pour into the powder chamber, and then turn the washing machine on to the daily program. It will allow you to get rid of the unpleasant smell coming out of the drum of the washing machine and will minimize the formation of scale.

It is also worth remembering about prophylactic cleaning of the equipment. It involves every time or at least one week of wiping the inside of the drum, gaskets and dispensers. For this task we can use only water or the aforementioned mixture. After wiping off all the parts, remember to dry them – preferably with a dry cloth. Thanks to such cleaning the washing machine will work longer and will be less susceptible to damage. In addition, washed clothes will be even more clean and fragrant, without odors coming from the washing machine.

How to get rid of sludge?
The sludge is created as a result of frequent use of the washing machine. It appears most often when we wash at low temperatures and when we use different types of plasticizes. When a sludge is created in our washing machine, an unpleasant odor may come out of it. Sometimes the unpleasant odor may also come from the sewerage system. If we are sure of contamination in the washing machine, we must remove it as soon as possible. How do you clean a sludge washing machine? The fastest way will be to apply bleach. It is important to wear rubber gloves to protect our hands from scalding before cleaning. Clean the cloth soaked in the bleach with soiled spots. After completing the task, run the washing machine to get rid of the unpleasant odor.

Remember about the filter.
Domestic cleaning of the washing machine means not only washing the drum and refreshing the gaskets. When washing it, we must also remember the filters. The washing machine has two filters, one is responsible for impurities – a different impurity filter and the other – a hose filter. The first one should be cleaned on average 5 times a year using water and a brush. This type of filter is located under the drum on the front of the washing machine. However, the sieve filter is located at the end of the water supply hose. Before pulling out, turn off the water supply valve and unclip the hose, then remove the filter and wash it under running water.

Make empty laundry.
Empty laundry is a unique way of cleaning your washing machine. This form of refresh should be done at least once every 3 months. It’s a reliable way to clean the washing machine. Empty the washing machine for the longest program we have, and for washing we use soda, vinegar or citric acid. Thanks to this the washing machine will be cleaned and refreshed. Remember to leave the drum door ajar after every wash – also empty. This will allow the washing machine to dry quickly and circulate the air.
It is worth noting that even the smallest parts in the washing machine have their important functions. So let’s remember about cleaning the powder or liquid chamber. Although sometimes you can not see dirt at first glance, clumps of liquid or powder form, which can make it difficult to get detergents inside the washing machine. To clean the chamber it is enough to remove it from the washing machine and soak it. After a while, remove the impurities under running water and dry them all.

The appearance counts!
It is also worth taking care of the external appearance of the washing machine. For this task we will only need liquid water, although with more demanding impurities – sediments made of stone or soap – we can add some vinegar. This mixture will leave our machine clean and shiny for a long time.

Picture Credit: bierfritze