How to Choose Your Bathroom’s Washbasin

How to Choose Your Bathroom's WashbasinOrdinary and extravagant sinks. Paying attention to design, do not forget about the functionality.
For a small bathroom, you usually look for the smallest model of a wash basin. It is not always a good choice.
There are bathrooms without a sink, where the hands are washed over the bath. However, if you can get some space, the basin is always worth installing.

For the convenience and beauty of the bathroom, because the corner with a mirror, sconce and shelf above the basin usually warms and makes the bathroom more attractive. Classic white ceramic models are often the best, but you have to admit that basins from other materials can be original. You just need to choose the right size and match it to the bathroom arrangement.

Optimal dimensions of the sink
In the case of a sink, its width is of great importance. You can even find models with a width of 7.8 inches in stores. Unfortunately, washing your hands in them without splashing the floor and walls is really a feat. The 10 and 14 inches models are also not comfortable.

In fact, only the 15 inches wash basin fulfills its task. Especially in the case of classic shapes. Because a deep bowl mounted on the counter can have a smaller diameter, because your hands will sink deeper into it and the water will not splash.

If space allows, it is best to install a 20 inches wide basin. In large bathrooms, of course, they can be even larger if they are proportional to the space. The depth of the basin is usually 15 – 22 inches. And everyone in this range works in practice.

What material should be a wash basin
Here are the materials from which basins are made and their short characteristics. Decide for yourself who will work for you.

Ceramics It is usually covered with white enamel, but it can also be colored. Such wash basins are most effective in classically decorated bathrooms. In general, they are not very obvious, they just fulfill their practical function well. They are easy to keep clean, properly used and durable. Some models are covered with a coating that makes cleaning easier.

Glass. Most often it is tempered glass. Nevertheless, such sinks are less durable than ceramic ones. But they are really original. Most of them are countertop, but they are also mounted on the cabinet. It is washed just like ceramic.

From stone. Often, the stone is polished inside and outside, or only inside. These are very heavy sinks, shaped like oval, round or rectangular bowls usually mounted on tops. You have to be careful when using, because marble is easy to stain or even scratch.

From a conglomerate. Otherwise, such composite sinks are called. This material is a ground stone (marble, dolomite) combined with resins. Such wash basins are very durable and easy to clean. They are lighter than stone. They have classic and more elaborate shapes, sometimes they are a hollow in the top of a conglomerate.

Wooden. There are not many such wash basins and we do not look for them in supermarkets but in exclusive bathroom salons. They are usually made of exotic wood, because it is hard and water-resistant. They are also well-preserved, but still, they must be washed with great care. They present themselves exceptionally originally.

Of steel. This is the most durable material of all if it is of good quality and massive. It is easy to wash such wash basins, but you can leave marks after drops. They fit rather to modern, industrial bathrooms.

What mounting method
Depending on the type of fixing, we distinguish the basins:

  • Mounted to the wall
  • Furniture or mounted on a cabinet
  • Wash basin countertops

Wall-mounted wash basins are the most traditional, generally white ceramics. The outflow is often covered by the so-called pedestal.
Furniture wash basins are most often models bought together with a cabinet or rack with shelves. This is one of the most practical wash basins.
Wash basin countertops are simply those placed on the countertop or countersunk or so-called undercounter. The latter is mounted in the bottom of the table, in the cut hole. There are also half-size models,  a part fits in the counter, and some protrude in front of the counter.

Which models are the most practical?
In small bathrooms, the most popular are furniture sinks, bought together with a fitted cabinet, on which they are attached. Often in building supermarkets you can buy such a set at a very good price. These basins generally have a rectangular or oval shape, and the cabinet below them consists of 2 or 3 drawers that will fit a lot of bathroom items. Practical are also countertop wash basins, because you can also use the place under them.

Picture Credit: WarrenMae