Household Chaos: 8 Ways To A Calmer Happier Home

Household Chaos: 8 Ways To A Calmer Happier HomeChaos has mastered your home. We will help, we are from that. Read how you can easily control the mess.

8 small tricks, or how small things cause a big effect

Basket for laundry items with a lid

You do not realize how it makes a difference – you do not just see (and not feel) your clothes, but the piece of furniture itself becomes much more attractive.

Storage boxes

You can buy, you can do (and at the same time have a lot of fun) yourself. Not only will you organize a place, you will also gain an attractive gadget that costs nothing at all.

It’s funny that something as simple as a clipboard can have such a big impact on the organization of your place. Containers on the canvas, gift boxes and other adorable containers not only look great – they hide all souvenirs and do not cost anything.

A skirt is an upholstery!

Do you have a chair or stool that looks moderately attractive? Do you have a skirt that has already survived a lot? Combine these things together, you’ll get a chair with avant-garde upholstery, something unforgettable

Furniture with doors, doors with things

Whenever possible, choose furniture that has doors – not only organize the space better, but also the door itself can store things. Of course, this does not apply to the library.

Get rid of or order the cables

Buy a cable organizer – it’s not enough to make sure that none of the cables will be magically entangled in itself, it is much more visually attractive than the 8 cables next to each other.

Folding bed

Yes, we know you should only keep bedding for guests there. But all in all why? It is also a place to keep order.

Hooks for keys

How many times did you look for the keys in your pockets, on the cabinets, on the tables. Create a habit of putting the keys on the hook – you will gain a few hours a year

Vacuum bags

You’d be surprised how much you can store under the bed or in the closet when you remove oxygen from your stuff. Buy a few vacuum tubes to store unused clothing and bedding, and save a lot of space, protecting them against mold and mites.

Picture Credit: edvaldocostacordeiro