How to Arrange Your House According to Feng Shui Rules

How to Arrange Your House According to Feng Shui Rules

Our home plays an extremely important role in our lives

Only in our own home can we feel comfortable and completely safe, sharing happy moments with our families. However, in order for us to feel good in our own homes, we must keep it clean and in harmony.

The philosophy of Feng Shui is the doctrine of aesthetics that originated in China, and it is based on the Taoist desire to improve the quality of life of all people. Despite the fact that this philosophy appeared a long time ago, feng shui continues to be one of the best ways to arrange and decorate the house in such a way as to make its inhabitants happy.

Protect yourself and your home

One of the main principles of Feng Shui is the need for every home for a defender. It can be anything: a hill or a mountain, another house, or a small outbuilding. This simple technique will help you protect your home.

Decorate your yard with Feng Shui

According to the principles of Feng Shui, home comfort is impossible without a yard in front of the house. The best effect can be achieved if you arrange a small garden or lawn in front of the main entrance to your home. You can also arrange a playground or a patio in front of the house. The main thing is to create a space that will make your home open to the world.

Do not forget about the sides of the house

In addition to the fact that you should pay special attention to the security of the house from the back and the arrangement of open space in front, you should not forget about the sides of the house. In order for your home to be protected from negative energy from the sides, protect it with additional buildings, or build your house as close as possible to the neighbor. This principle is figuratively reminiscent of a chair because every home also needs support on both sides.

Always seek protection

Due to the need for security, building a house on top of the mountain, or rent an apartment on the top floor of a high-rise building is not recommended. In this case, your home will be unprotected on all sides, and you should always worry about the safety and good environment of your home.

Pay attention to the environment

Always pay attention to the environment in which your home is located. This applies not only to neighboring houses but also to other items that can adversely affect the home. Take special care with telephone towers, as well as various cables and antennas, which can also emit negative energy.

Pay attention to the trees growing in front of your house. Do not allow them to block paths and entrances to the house, and also make sure that tree branches do not hang over your home.

Entrance to the house

Take care of the entrance to your home, because it is also one of the main aspects of a cozy home. Try to make sure that your doors are always in good condition, paint and varnish them in time.

It is important that the door to your home is visible from the road. You can also decorate the entrance to your home with vases of flowers, placing them on both sides of the door. Remember that the front door is the face of your home, so make sure it always looks well-groomed and pleasant.

Don’t forget about the interior!

According to the teachings of feng shui, the corridor passing through the house should resemble a curved line or loop, but it should never be straight. In addition, you should not place any obstacles in the corridor in the form of flowers or vases, because they can be a source of negative energy.

Be careful with mirrors

Although mirrors are needed in every home, they should be handled with care. For example, if one of your rooms has a mirror, we recommend moving it to a dressing room or closet. This way you will always have a mirror at hand if needed, but it will not be visible. If you have old mirrors in your house that you no longer use, we recommend that you get rid of them.

Keep neat and tidy!

Do not allow dirt and odors to fill your home, and do not scatter clothes and other things around the house. Each subject must have its place.

In addition, do not forget to regularly tidy up the house. Of course, you do not need to spend all your time cleaning, but you should make sure that your home has always been in good condition.

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